Plays about Great Friends

These shows all relate to Great Friends. Put them together to create a production of any length. Click on the title for play information and to read a FreeView, then order your copy.

Secrets in the Clouds
15 minute comedy
2 women
Liz and Elsie, friends for 30 years, meet in the Afterlife, where secrets are revealed as they play games and drink Irish Whiskey. Wonderful, lively characters full of punch.

The Dandelion Ladies’ Decisive Tea
0 minute comedy
4 women
The afternoon event is more than tea and scones–it’s about friends’ hopes, dreams, and misunderstandings as they celebrate each woman’s life. Full of action!

98 minute comedy
2 men, 5 women, 1 female voice
When four sorority sisters get together for a reunion week of fun and frolic, the gathering doesn’t go as planned. Their relationships are tested but friendship prevails.

It’s Not About Pot Roast
10 minute comedy
2 women
Norma and her closest friend, Molly, resolve problems that keep their worlds intact in a heartwarming comedy.

Favorite Cousins (in “Old Folks Rock”)
20 minute comedy
2 men, 2 women
Two older ‘cousins’ who haven’t seen each other in years run off together on a cruise to the chagrin of their protective middle-aged children.

A Brief History of Mah Jongg
40 minute comedy
5-6 women
Three feisty women return to their beloved Mah Jongg game from years before. Award-winning comedy about the power of women’s friendships.  

Benny & Pearl Loving in a Goldfish Bowl
18 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
A short comedy that asks,  “Can two fish bring old childhood friends together?” Well, if the fish can’t, Benny’s mother sure knows how.

It’s Time for Bingo
5 minute comedy
2 women
Rose and Lucille always go to bingo together, but this time it’s different! Funny, funny, show with twists, mix-ups, love, and dentures!

Living Large
10 minute comedy
4 women
Peg knows that she has to make changes if she’s going to make it financially. So, she changes her name, gives up her apartment, and moves into a Holiday Inn!

Check out all the many different themes!

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