Back in the day before TV, radio plays were an exciting story-telling format. With dialogue, sound effects and music, the audience imagines the story unfold.

  • Radio KRZY


    cast of 6

    30 minute

    You'll love this farcical, wacky comedy about the shenanigans, backstage drama, and on-air screw-ups, of the cast and crew of a small-town radio station, where everything goes a little KRAZY.
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  • Mr. E’s Radio Spiri…


    Flexible cast of 11

    75+minute comedy

    This old-fashioned radio murder mystery suspense comedy is a real cliffhanger! The station manager of WMOO radio assigns the sound effects to the live radio audience and chaos ensues.
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  • The Quibbles Radio Shows


    flexible cast

    10, 5 minute sketches

    The Quibbles Radio Shows is a collection of 10 comedy sketches, reminiscent of old time radio shows, featuring a delightfully quarrelsome couple in skirmishes of everyday life!
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  • The Last Day at W.O.R.K.

    $7.50$45.00 Sale!

    Flexible casting of 12-16

    40 minute radio comedy

    A radio station, W.O.R.K., is signing off the air after 50 years. The station owners have invited back their old favorite acts for one last nostalgic show.
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  • The Midnight Rider


    Flexible cast of 16

    35 minute comedy

    The Midnight Rider is headed your way. Quick! Turn on the 'radio' to experience this delightful Christmas Eve comedy.
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  • Tina Latigo Rides to the …


    1-4 man, 12-15 women

    45 minute comedy

    The Old West comes to life as Tina Latigo and her French sidekick, Lisette, work to bring justice to women everywhere. An interactive show--so much fun!
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  • Matzo Balls


    1 man, 4 women

    20 minute comedy

    The matzo balls have gone missing from Sunny Acres Retirement Home and Holmes and Watson are on the case--Shirley Holmes and Dottie Watson, that is! A great comedy!
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  • Calling Dr. Phil


    1 man, 1 woman

    20 minute comedy

    Dixie has a unique problem with her husband, but her favorite TV shrink, Dr. Phil, isn't available to help. Such a fun play!
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  • Roxie McCoy...Private Eye

    Readers Theatre Karaoke®…


    4 men, 9-12 women

    15 minute mystery comedy

    Roxie McCoy is a street-smart, no-nonsense private eye. In this comic sketch, Roxie comes to the aid of an English Baroness with a secret.
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  • The Cat Lady Christmas


    cast of 7

    60 minute radio play comedy

    Corly promises her new beau, an allergist, that she’s pet-free, but it gets tense. A strong script with plenty of intrigue plus sound effects makes a super holiday show!
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  • The Radio Show


    cast of 4

    10 minute comedy

    During a radio broadcast, the audience is led to believe that the guest actor and actress hate each other. The two go off script and destroy the entire show!
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  • Readers Theatre Karaoke®…


    3 men, 6 women

    15 minute melodrama

    In the 1870's, as Daisy Fontaine's wedding approaches, she gets news that her  brother has lost his wife to the fever. Features the good guys and bad guys that make Westerns fun!  
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