The Dandelion Ladies’ Decisive Tea


The afternoon event is more than tea and scones–it’s about friends’ hopes, dreams, and misunderstandings as they celebrate each woman’s life. Full of action!

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  • Pamela Loyd
    20 minutes
    4 women

    About the play: This comedy brings four long-time friends together for an afternoon tea. But the event is more than about tea and scones, it’s about hopes, dreams, and misunderstandings as they celebrate major decisions in each woman’s life. The old issues and unspoken thoughts jump out as the characters quickly move in their chairs around the table. This funny play is filled with action and strong characters who transform as they validate women and their friendships.

    Here’s what they’re saying about the play:

    • “The Dandelion Ladies Decisive Tea” mirrors the stories I have heard from our group of older women. I often like to select a play that reflects real life, even though it sometimes makes us sentimental or leaves us laughing. “Dandelion Ladies” is a well-written piece that features sharp-witted friends who can laugh at themselves. I adore this play! -Regina F.
    • I loved directing “Dandelion Ladies!” The show features four dear friends with a shared history who come together for a ‘Tea Party,’ as they each reveal their hopes and dreams for a new and more exciting future! What ensues are hilarious and revealing moments as they recount old stories from the past that complicate their friendships in the present! The audience laughs with delight as these women hash out past grudges and eventually come to the conclusion that long-time friendships are more important than what happened in the past! It’s a satisfying outcome for both the characters and the audiences! -Rachel J., Assistant Director
    • We performed the “The Dandelion Ladies’ Decisive Tea” last week. The group loved the play and the audience enjoyed it too! The play shows the gamut of emotions and struggles that the ladies had endured through their lives. Now they’re going to do something for each other and for themselves. -Andrea R.

    So, why did I write the play?
    “The Dandelion Ladies’ Decisive Tea” has two themes which have always resonated with me, but have become stronger as I grow older. After retirement, when the children are gone, women need to whole-heartedly love and nurture their friends while accepting all of their foibles and vulnerabilities. I want actors and audience members to be inspired so they will pursue dreams, find new meaningful adventures, and live each day with enthusiasm and hope. -Pam Loyd

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    About the playwright: Pamela’s first life calling was helping people become psychologically healthier and happier through a career as a counselor, and her second is writing comic plays with lively roles for seniors. She also enjoys acting and directing. She founded and is artistic director of the Mischief Makers.

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    Pamela Loyd



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