AGELESS! 11 Short Plays Celebrating Seniors


The tastefully written plays from the Still Crazy After All These Years Festival take the high road of humor.

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  • Curated by Kate Katcher
    Edited by Bonnie L. Vorenberg

    These eleven award-winning 10 minute plays from the Still Crazy After All These Years Festival are ones you will use over and over again. They feature today’s seniors who are active, engaged and living with a new outlook on life, one that reflects the positive aspects of aging. Whether about rediscovering yourself, rekindling old relationships, or starting new ones, these plays are guaranteed to lift spirits. They will not only entertain senior audience members but will speak to anyone who looks forward to their later years as an active, reinvention of a life lived fully.

    • The tastefully written plays from the Still Crazy After All These Years Festival take the high road of humor lifting spirits as we laugh at ourselves and enjoy being who we are in our senior years. John Boccuzzi, Sr., Friends of Newtown Seniors, Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging, Newtown Commission on Aging
    • In this refreshing anthology, passions are vibrant, emotions bubble with excitement, and relevance prevails making timeless and meaningful theatre. John Bonanni, The Radio City Christmas Spectacular
    • The Still Crazy After All These Years plays are engaging, funny and authentic. They speak directly to people of a certain age with abundant humanity that touches adults in every stage of life. Bravo. Martin Blanco, Flagpole Radio Cafe, Newtown, CT

    All plays run approximately 10 minutes.

    Table of Contents

    Backfire by David Lee White                                     
    1 man, 1 woman
    It’s the morning after their high school reunion in this comedy about a long overdue hook-up. Is it the fulfillment of a couple’s life-long dream or a case of mistaken identity?

    Let’s Make a Deal by Scott Mullen
    1 man, 2 women
    In this tender comedy about wanting more, a woman brings an unusual object to the Antiques Roadshow for appraisal: her husband.

    Blue Sky with Approaching Storm by Kate Katcher
    2 men, 2 women
    A painting in a gallery leads to a showdown between a wealthy man, his wife and her first lover, the artist. As with a clear, blue sky, you don’t always see what’s coming.

    The Reunion by Ken Levine
    2 men
    A chance encounter on a New York street brings together a bored businessman and the friend who has waited fifty years to return a crayon.

    Second Career by Ellen Margolis
    1 man, 1 woman
    An obsessive businesswoman jumps into retirement with a vengeance making a mission of returning defective items for people who don’t have the time.

    Splitting Hares by Brett Hursey
    1 man, 2 women
    A psychiatrist tries to help an empty-nester couple when the husband starts dressing like a rabbit.

    Prepper’s Nightmare by Rex McGregor
    1 man, 1 woman
    An American man is building an underground bunker in New Zealand prepping for the end of the world. Here to talk him out of it is a down-to-earth sheep-herder. But who sent her?

    Mistranslations by Jack Rushton
    1 man, 1 woman
    A magical device helps a couple communicate better, but is better communication what they really want?

    Action and Reaction by Joël Doty
    1 man, 1 woman
    This harrowing drama involves the moments after a couple has witnessed a violent crime. Their differing reactions to the event lead to a moment of reckoning in a previously stable marriage.

    Something Old Something New by Margie Semilof
    1 man, 1 woman
    A woman seeking to jazz things up in the bedroom challenges her husband’s sense of adventure.

    A Memoir of Jackson by Rona Altrows
    2 either
    In this tender story of a man and his cat, Mr. Penner wants to write an unusual memoir. He just has to get past the inexperienced mentor who leads his writing class.

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