2 either

12-15 minute drama

Two strangers meet in a field. What at first seems like small talk actually stirs some deeper questions.

cast of 3

10 minutes

A loving portrayal of an older couple who are adjusting to their new life in a South Florida retirement community.

1 man, 1 woman

10 minute drama

Isidor and Ida Straus lost their lives prematurely on the deck of The Titanic, but their love, arguments, and an additional consolation survive the wave.

1 woman

45 minutes

It’s July, 1969 and Miss Ida Lemmie is on a mission! Her yard sale is an excuse to tell her glamorous and vivid tale of survival.

1 man, 1 woman

10 minutes

After witnessing a crime, a husband and wife react differently and suddenly their lives are turned upside down.

2 men, 2 women

10 minute comedy/drama

Secrets are revealed and egos challenged in this comedy with a dramatic twist. As with a clear, blue sky, you don't always see what's coming.

2 men, 2 women

40 minute play

Two couples, confronted by the reality of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, forge ahead into life's undefined future with humor and honesty.

cast of 5+

60 minute drama

This lovely play brings Julia Morgan to life. She was a ground-breaking architect who designed more than 700 buildings during her long and prolific career, including Hearst Castle.

cast of 3

15 minute comedy-drama

Years later, Jimmy Hoffa is still missing. Meanwhile, Phyllis worries about her finances and a broken septic system. She decides that desperate times require bold action!

2 women

20 minutes

Two sisters finally decide to solve long-simmering family problems that have been ignored for too long. What a play!