The most performed shows of the year! These are always a hit and audiences across the country love them.

  • Age on Stage®: Comedies …


    cast varies 2-6

    10, 10 minute plays

    Best Seller! This collection of ten 10-minute comedies is a laugh fest all the way. Sparked with funny characters and humorous situations, lively dialogue, and just the right touch of charming goofiness.
  • Radio KRZY


    cast of 6

    30 minute

    You'll love this farcical, wacky comedy about the shenanigans, backstage drama, and on-air screw-ups, of the cast and crew of a small-town radio station, where everything goes a little KRAZY.
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  • Doctor, Doctor


    cast of 6 and 1 voice

    25 minute comedy

    In his zany medical office, Dr. Fatpacker dipenses medicine while his under-paid receptionist gives her own medical opinion to anyone who might want to listen.
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  • The Naked Man on the Couch


    1 man, 3 women

    20 minute comedy

    Leaving for a holiday weekend three roommates find a mysterious man sleeping on the couch. Will they get to Vegas?
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  • Lunch Ladies at L’A…


    8 women

    15 minute comedy

    Two very proper ladies lose all pretense of ladylike behavior as they have trouble paying for their meal at an expensive restaurant, finally finding a funny solution!
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  • Gin and Tonic


    1 man, 1 woman

    10 minute comedy

    This laugh-out-loud comedy offers a fresh look at the problems of senior dating. A 'never-fail' show!
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  • Chatterton Country Club


    2 men, 7 women

    45 minutes

    In Chatterton Country Club, a 55+ retirement community, lives a crazy cast of characters whose stories make senior communal living..."entertaining!"
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  • The Complaint Department


    3 either

    10 minute comedy

    When a man returns a thermometer to the department store, confusion abounds! This is hilarious stuff!
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  • Old Hams


    4 men, 6 women

    2 hour comedy

    Actors, Musicians and Singers need to pull off their best performance yet. Otherwise, their unique retirement home may be sold and turned into a mall.
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  • Joggin’ Along


    2 women

    10 minutes

    Best Seller! Two older women, dressed in exercise gear jog to center stage, where they stop long enough to talk about what’s going on in their lives. Hilarious!  
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