Radio Plays

These radio plays can be done as readers theatre or as memorized shows. Either way, they’re a lot of fun.  Click on the title for play information and to read a FreeView, then order your copy.

Mona Lisa’s Toe
Douglas Campbell
10 minute radio play
1 man, 4 women, 2 either

A madcap whodonnit radio farce about a missing “masterpiece” where everyone is a possible culprit.

Radio KRZY
Pamela Loyd
30 minute comedy
2 women, 1 man, 3 either
This is a farcical, wacky comedy about the shenanigans, backstage drama, and on-air screw-ups, of the cast and crew of a small-town radio station, where everything goes a little KRAZY.

The Radio Show
Basil Melnyk
10 minute comedy
1 man, 3 women
This play within a play is set in a radio station studio. As a soap opera is being broadcast, the audience is led to believe that the guest actor and actress hate each other. The guest actor and actress go off script and end up destroying the entire show. A fun show with a twist!

The Quibbles Radio Shows
Karen Riehl
10 five minute sketches
Casts from 4 to 40
This collection of ten comedy sketches, reminiscent of radio shows of the ’40s and ’50’s, features a delightfully quarrelsome couple, Carol and Quentin Quibble, in the hilarious skirmishes of everyday life.

Mr. E’s Radio Spiritz Show
Jonathan M. Zaley
75+ minute comedy
11 parts plus 3 commercial announcers, all for men or women
This old-fashioned radio murder mystery suspense comedy is a real cliffhanger! The station manager of WMOO radio assigns the sound effects to the live radio audience and chaos ensues.

The Cat Lady Christmas
Allison Engel & Margaret Engel
60 minute radio play comedy
Corly promises her new beau, an allergist, that she’s pet-free, but it gets tense. A strong script with plenty of intrigue plus sound effects makes a super holiday show!

Tina Latigo Rides to the Rescue
Sherry Piros
40-45 minute comedy
Tune into this old-fashioned radio play! The Old West comes to life as Tina Latigo and her French sidekick, Lisette, work to bring justice to women everywhere.

Matzo Balls
Jordan R. Young
20 minute comedy
1 man, 4 women
The matzo balls have gone missing from Sunny Acres Retirement Home and Holmes and Watson are on the case–Shirley Holmes and Dottie Watson, that is!

The Midnight Rider
Susanne Conger
35 minute comedy
8 men, 8 women, or 8 either
Performing before live radio audiences, seniors will carry its listeners across the starry skies with the jolly ole’ man in the red suit. But this year, tradition is swept aside, when the Midnight Rider adopts a new team of transportation, encounters unique celebrities, and plunges down unpredictable chimneys.

The Last Day at W.O.R.K.
Brandon Daughtry Slocum & JP Schuffman
40 minute comedy
Gender-flexible roles for 12-16 actors
A radio station in a small southern town, W.O.R.K., is signing off the air after 50 years. The station owners, a couple in their 70’s, have invited back their old favorite acts for one last nostalgic show.


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