• The Good Years


    flexible cast

    95 minute comedy

    Two middle-aged daughters with good intentions play matchmaker with their single parents. It's a total, hilarious mess! But love wins in the end.
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  • Shenanigans at the Blue P…


    3 men, 5 women

    75 minute comedy

    Owners Sophie and George have their hands full with all their quirky lodgers at the Blue Pelican Inn, where almost anything can happen!
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  • Our Voices: Senior Selfies


    Scenes for 1-9 actors, predominantly women

    1-15 minute vignettes

    A unique collaboration between a professional playwright and a group of seniors, Our Voices: Senior Selfies celebrates seniors’ empowerment through vignettes that are hilarious, insightful and poignant.
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  • Viagara Falls & the …


    4 women, 4 men

    80 minute comedy

    When Fran borrows a container of artificial sweeteners from her nervous husband-to-be, she has no idea the chaos it will bring to their peaceful retirement village.
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  • Chatterton Country Club: …


    2 men, 1 woman

    15 minute comedy

    Bob and Joe share more than a game of checkers. It’s all guy talk until Bob reveals a secret about Joe’s wife. This play is in Chatterton Country Club  
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  • Cuckoos in Cahoots at the…


    Flexible casting

    60 minutes

    Four short comedies woven together by four quirky women and one calm and reasonable Walter.
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  • Gen. BingO: A Comedy abou…

    $7.50$55.00 Sale!

    1 man, 2 women, plus audience participants

    90 plus minute comedy

    In the local VFW hall at Wednesday Night Bingo, audience members are made to feel like one of the regulars! They’ll laugh and sing and play some wild and wacky audience games.
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  • Merry Christmas Caper


    4 men, 5 women

    60 minute comedy

    There's been a robbery at the Senior Center just before the holiday celebration. With runaways and a problem administrator, will they be able to celebrate the holidays?
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  • Arches, Balance and Light


    cast of 5+

    60 minute drama

    This lovely play brings Julia Morgan to life. She was a ground-breaking architect who designed more than 700 buildings during her long and prolific career, including Hearst Castle.
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  • Wrinkles


    4 men, 4 women

    90 minute musical

    The creator of the hit comic strip "Luann" brings you a fresh new musical that reminds us to wear wrinkles with pride!
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  • Sometimes a Rainbow


    cast of 9

    90 minute musical comedy

    Cordy Shelburne's life is enriched after re-discovering the joy of living from a wise lady who is homeless. Great tunes, a wonderful story, and an uplifting message!
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  • Betta Daze


    1 man, 2 women

    60 minute comedy

    Michelle is a technologically challenged senior in a retirement community. Betta is her virtual computerized assistant. How can they learn how to work together?
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  • The Cat Lady Christmas


    cast of 7

    60 minute radio play comedy

    Corly promises her new beau, who is allergic to cats, that she’s pet-free. But she no longer is. Can she get through this date safely?
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  • The Haunted Holiday Hotel


    cast of 20

    75 minute comedy

    The Haunted Holiday Hotel is jam-packed with zany characters and mysteries to solve. The fun and laughter can be enjoyed at any time of year!
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  • The Glass Slipper Still F…


    1 man, 4 women plus audience participants

    70+ minute comedy

      A widow lives in the attic of her own house but finds that her later years are more fulfilling and exciting than she could have ever expected. This story will fill your audiences with laughter, adventure, and love!
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