• Mr. E’s Radio Spiri…


    Flexible cast of 11

    75+minute comedy

    This old-fashioned radio murder mystery suspense comedy is a real cliffhanger! The station manager of WMOO radio assigns the sound effects to the live radio audience and chaos ensues.
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  • Who Shot Fred?


    1 man, 3 women, 1 dead male body

    10 minute mystery comedy

    Who could have shot Fred at the Moon Over Poughkeepsie Hotel? This hilarious 1940s-style whodunit takes place in a residential hotel catering to seniors. Sure to keep audiences guessing!
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  • Fool Me Once, or Henriett…


    cast of 11

    20 minute comedy

    Henrietta, a new widow, is taken in by various schemes and scams, only to be saved in the nick of time by the street-wise detective and scambuster, San Scam!
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  • Head First or Feet First?


    1 man, 3 women, 1 either

    10 minute mystery comedy

    Did Malachi Throckmorton accidentally fall from the balcony of The Copa Coconut Hotel or did he commit suicide? A hysterically zany 1940s-style mystery-farce.
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  • Mernie’s Little Hoax


    6 women, 4 either

    70 minutes

    Millionaire Mernie Mayhem's strategy for testing her friends' loyalty misfires in this zany comedy.
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  • A Will to Murder


    2 Men, 5 Women, 1Either

    45 minute murder mystery

    A cast of unsavory relatives, a corrupt lawyer, a sexy maid, and a devious butler keep the audience in suspense as the characters compete for deceased Mr. Thornburg's wealth.
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  • Secret Family Recipes


    3 women

    10 minute play

    Asking a sister for the family heirloom is extra tricky when she's left this world.
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  • Roxie McCoy...Private Eye

    Readers Theatre Karaoke®…


    4 men, 9-12 women

    15 minute mystery comedy

    Roxie McCoy is a street-smart, no-nonsense private eye. In this comic sketch, Roxie comes to the aid of an English Baroness with a secret.
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  • A Profusion of Roses


    2 women

    10-15 minutes

    A seriously wonderful play! With two strong women’s roles this show features a mother, daughter, and an absent “sister” in a twisty, mysterious relationship.
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  • Jus’ Tus


    1 man, 1 woman

    10 minute murder mystery

    Mystery surrounds the death of Nell's husband and Sheriff Wally is suspicious. Nell has some doubts of her own.
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  • The Day They Kidnapped Blanche


    2 men, 3 women, 1 either

    30 minute comedy

    Ann Pugh & Katy Dacus 30 minute comedy 2 men, 3 women, 1 either When residents in area nursing homes start disappearing, the FBI takes notice. Blanche Sherwin lands the role of a lifetime when federal agent Steven Devon asks her to go undercover to gather evidence. Click below to purchase the collection, New Plays for Mature Actors.