Seniors Acting Up


Includes ten amusing one act plays, six skits and additional information such as how to cope with stage fright. A best seller!

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  • Edited by Ted W. Fuller

    Best Seller!

    Includes ten amusing one act plays, six skits and additional information such as how to cope with stage fright. Plots range from the bittersweet final chapter of a caring waitress’ life to the  zany carryings-on of a mountain clan obviously affected by excessive inbreeding! Most of the playwrights and characters are seniors. All are funny. Includes:

    Welcome to Acceptance: Sam, an experienced robber of small banks, is surprised when Mrs. Melcher, a brand new teller, is not the pushover he typically finds. In fact, as a writer, she thinks it’s time for him to do some collaborating.

    Parcel PickupA confused Len is attempting to pick up a package that he has no recollection of ordering, and is frustrated by the Clerk’s refusal to give it to him unless he identifies the contents. Finally, he attempts to grab it and run, then discovers the unusual price he paid for it.

    A Medicare Affaire: When Harold, who is married to Maude, comes on to Gloria, who is married to Sam, Gloria comes up with a solution. It delights Harold, and gives him a strange idea.

    Fruitcakes: Generous, hard-working Eloise doesn’t understand the purpose of Gloria, who identifies herself as her heavenly guardian. As the news sinks in, Eloise’s fear shifts to anticipation.

    Modern Technology: Surprised by the sight of a dead cow in the street, the woman calls Animal Control. She listens to the long taped message, then takes an innovative step to solve the problem.

    Safeguard: While Tillie paints Mary’s portrait, Felix arouses Mary’s concern with weird quotations and erratic behavior while writing a play. She sees his final step as suicidal.

    The E.B.F.F. Wants YouWhen Wegner, the East Bay Feline Friends founder, calls on the sisters, they believe he’s with the East Bay Friendship File dating service, and his visit is part of a screening process. The mix-ups on the two groups lead to humorous developments plus a satisfying conclusion.

    Shotgun WeddingEllie’s pregnancy and Jeb’s shotgun help persuade Willy to go through with a wedding ceremony complete with songs and Ozark Mountain commentary.

    Interview with Dan CupidThe interviewer, a bit surprised by Dan Cupid’s advanced age, asks about success stories and learns that some people fall in love without the old guy’s help.

    Ladies at LunchSix fun, active senior women meet for lunch every week. Between their arranging chairs, sharing medications, discussing mammograms and men, they give a waiter and his manager a really bad day. This is a hilarious play, full of opportunities for clever business.

    The Revenge of Sacajawea: In the Women’s Court of Iniquities, George suggests it’s a place where men are never right, but Phil doesn’t follow that advice, which leads to an unusual sentencing.

    Sunday School Revelations: Kids can misunderstand the Bible and theological definitions as these two dozen examples illustrate.

    Another One of Louella’s Killer IdeasIn a disorganized meeting at a church, the women discuss Louella’s brainstorm–creating personalized, unforgettable memorial services. The first trial will surprise the whole town.

    Let It Begin With Me and You: With songs and poetry, these assorted characters provide reasons for recycling.

    That’s All You Need to Know: Jean inquires but doesn’t obtain all the details about Susie’s golf game, which included a man named Matthew who was over par but a dandy dinner companion afterward.

    Great Sentimental Value, Big RewardAs the victim of a continuing practical joke, Rocco finds it satisfying that it produces laughter in the bar he frequents. When Amelia becomes involved, his romantic overtures are gently rebuffed. As she departs, however, she leaves a clue about a later rendezvous.

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