New Plays for Mature Actors


This ever-popular collection of ten plays brings you up-to-date characters in current situations with plenty of females roles. Useful for amateur to professionals. A classic Senior Theatre book!

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  • This prized collection features 10 plays and sketches selected from 300 in two nationwide searches. Their plots and characters present modern, positive images of maturity with primarily female roles. Can be used for readers theatre or staged for any audience.

    “Useful and entertaining…”—Booklist, American Library Association.

    Click on the play titles below to learn about the shows: 

    Anna and Virginia are having lunch at their regular restaurant when a strange lady called Bea comes in asking for something to eat but she doesn’t have enough money to pay for it. Lovely and funny.

    An older lady has not received her last Social Security check so she calls a bureaucrat for help. Short, easy to produce as a reading and best of all, directors, actors, and audiences love it. This is a ‘never fail’ script, that can be purchased separately and as an e-script!

    When residents in area nursing homes start disappearing, the FBI takes notice. Blanche Sherwin lands the role of a lifetime when federal agent Steven Devon asks her to go undercover to gather evidence. Click here for the shortened version available as an e-script.

    Gracie, Miranda, and Sara are looking for a new roommate! After interviewing some strange people, it seems that they found the perfect person…but it’s a man! What will the neighbors think? A lovely play, funny, and very easy to perform!

    Grandpa is very happy living in his beach shack, spotting whales with his telescope. But his daughter, Estelle, wants him to live in her apartment. Great story with children and adults sharing the stage!

    Mr. Levine takes over Mr. Abrams’ kosher butcher shop but as the new owner he isn’t familiar with the neighborhood. So, Mrs. Finkelstein, an old client, tries to convince Mr. Levine to have Mr. Abrams teach the new owner how ’things are done’ here. A nice play with a lot of good feelings!

    Sam sits on his favorite bench in the park. He always takes time to talk to people, give advice, and smile. One day, Anne comes in the park, desperately looking for Sam. But what happens when she learns that Sam died two years ago?

    Herb and his wife Carrie are having dinner with their old friend, May. Did Herb marry Carrie because of a bet?  What other secrets will be revealed?

    To take a break from unpacking after her move to a senior apartment complex, an older woman goes to the park and meets another tenant. He offers her a “warmish” toddy. They sip and banter in the chilly air. Do these two share a past? Can lost love be recovered?

    Ray and his wife Angie are visiting Ray’s mother. But they weren’t expecting that all of her previous lovers were going to come too!


    Editor, Bonnie L. Vorenberg, is a nationally recognized expert and pioneer in Creative Aging. She is known for her groundbreaking work as a Senior Theatre teacher, director, speaker, and author. Bonnie is the President of the Senior Theatre Resource Center, the central location for Creative Aging materials with over 400 plays, books, and materials for older adults.


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