House of Tomorrow


Humorous and touching, “The House of Tomorrow” weaves together stories and characters in a flexible length show.

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  • Susan Shear
    Comedy/drama with a flexible length
    3 men, 4 women (or a larger or smaller cast)

    • Ideal for Senior Theatre/CommunityTheatre/Regional Theatre
    • Ages 40-70 or all seniors
    • Ensemble cast portrays multiple characters
    • Simple set pieces
    • Flexible Script —  use any length from 30-120 minutes
    • Can be performed with six optional songs, see below.

    What is it about? At the heart of these humorous, poignant, and relevant stories is how to face constant change and unexpected challenges yet look forward to the future. The House of Tomorrow includes scenes about marriage, relationships, technology, grown children, elderly parents, online dating, memory, money, moving on, loss, and love. Among the many stories, we meet a mother and daughter whose values are as far apart as the miles between them; two recently widowed seniors skittishly tiptoeing into the world of online dating; an aging father clinging to his independence; a mother who never imagined her daughter would move far away. The characters are lovable and laughable, recognizable and real, facing the perils and pleasures of growing older.

    What they’re saying about the show:

    • It’s fabulous! Our actors felt it captured their perspectives. It was easy to stage because the focus is on the words, not movement or props and we could select the scenes that fit our needs. The show got the biggest response from any of the many plays we have done!
    • House of Tomorrow is beautifully written and produced. It hits all the high and low spots of our lives—some of them happy and funny, others poignant, but all a part of us as we age and change.
    • A solid collection of scenes. I think this would have a definite appeal to older audiences but younger people will relate as well. There is great flexibility in this piece so a theatre company can produce all or some of the scenes, whatever meets their needs in a show that’s both funny and poignant.

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    House of Tommorrow

    Freedom Road

    What I’m Searching For

    Is This Really Happening to Me?




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    Click here to read about the playwright, Susan Shear

     Susan and Steve Shear have also written You’re the Jury: The Steele Deal and You’re the Jury: The State vs. Max Cooper

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    Susan Shear


    Comedy, Flexible Length

    Running Time

    Flexible Length, 30-39 Minute Play, Longer Play






    7, Plus extras, Easily Double Cast


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    Ageless, Dating, Marriage, Parents and Children, Technology, Transitions