• Radio KRZY


    cast of 6

    30 minute

    You'll love this farcical, wacky comedy about the shenanigans, backstage drama, and on-air screw-ups, of the cast and crew of a small-town radio station, where everything goes a little KRAZY.
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  • Mr. E’s Radio Spiri…


    Flexible cast of 11

    75+minute comedy

    This old-fashioned radio murder mystery suspense comedy is a real cliffhanger! The station manager of WMOO radio assigns the sound effects to the live radio audience and chaos ensues.
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  • The Quibbles Radio Shows


    flexible cast

    10, 5 minute sketches

    The Quibbles Radio Shows is a collection of 10 comedy sketches, reminiscent of old time radio shows, featuring a delightfully quarrelsome couple in skirmishes of everyday life!
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  • The Last Day at W.O.R.K.

    $7.50$45.00 Sale!

    Flexible casting of 12-16

    40 minute radio comedy

    A radio station, W.O.R.K., is signing off the air after 50 years. The station owners have invited back their old favorite acts for one last nostalgic show.
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  • The Midnight Rider


    Flexible cast of 16

    35 minute comedy

    The Midnight Rider is headed your way. Quick! Turn on the 'radio' to experience this delightful Christmas Eve comedy.
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  • Matzo Balls


    1 man, 4 women

    20 minute comedy

    The matzo balls have gone missing from Sunny Acres Retirement Home and Holmes and Watson are on the case--Shirley Holmes and Dottie Watson, that is! A great comedy!
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  • The Cat Lady Christmas


    cast of 7

    60 minute radio play comedy

    Corly promises her new beau, who is allergic to cats, that she’s pet-free. But she no longer is. Can she get through this date safely?
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  • The Radio Show


    cast of 4

    10 minute comedy

    During a radio broadcast, the audience is led to believe that the guest actor and actress hate each other. The two go off script and destroy the entire show!
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