Make Money Producing Weekday Luncheon Theatre

Make Money Producing by Jon Zaley

This easy-to-read “How To” manual that guides you in every step of establishing your own weekday luncheon theatre business.  Bound in a binder for easy reference and note-taking, this book is full of over 20 years experience and knowledge of this extraordinary industry.  Each chapter guides you along the way so no stone is left unturned. The appendix alone has plenty of samples of various related business forms, marketing and promotional materials, and sure-fire ideas that have worked time and time again.

In the book, you will learn everything you need to know to set-up your weekday luncheon theatre business, such as:

  • Finding the perfect facility to host your weekday luncheon theatre
  • Selecting the right dates and themes for your shows
  • The Lazy Man’s Way to producing weekday luncheon theatre
  • Offering a variety of performance types to get the biggest audiences
  • Successful show ideas that work again and again, year after year
  • Finding entertainers full of pizzazz and professionalism
  • Selecting mouth-watering menus
  • Pricing your weekday luncheon theatre shows for maximum profit
  • Finding your audience, or rather, getting butts in your seats!
  • Marketing and promoting your weekday luncheon theatre
  • Easy reservation and ticketing systems that will work for you
  • Minimal staging and lighting needs your banquet hall should have for maximum effect
  • Making sure your entertainers or banquet hall have a quality sound system
  • Setting up the best room layout possible for a unbelievable theatrical experience
  • Assigning tables to your patrons with integrity and fairness
  • Up-selling your weekday luncheon theatre
  • After-the-show follow-up to keep ’em coming back for more!

Click here to read about the interactive plays created for and staged successfully in Jon’s Weekday Luncheon Theatre.

Now $74.95!

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