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Although we all see the great benefits of Senior Theatre with every production, there is very little actual evidence to back up our individual observations. Obviously, citing such evidence could not only enhance the prestige of Senior Theatre in general but might well aid in your individual fundraising.

Therefore, ArtAge’s Senior Theatre Resource Center, in a joint project with esteemed researchers Helga and Tony Noice, are distributing and analyzing this Senior Theatre survey to assess the full effects of Senior Theatre in participants’ lives.

Please ask the actors in your next performance or class to fill out this short, 10-minute questionnaire. They can use the online survey or, if they prefer they can complete the survey on paper by printing the downloadable Word document.

The timing is important. The actors should fill out the form during the first rehearsal of the production or during the first class. They should also fill out another copy of exactly the same questionnaire shortly before their final performance or class. Please have them complete it within 24 hours BEFORE but NOT AFTER the final performance or class. This way, we can measure any change that occurs.

It is essential that the two questionnaires from each actor be identified so we can compare them with each other. The simplest way is for the actors to put down their names, but if they wish to remain anonymous they can use any kind of code name as long as it is used on both the pre and post surveys.

Online responses are calculated automatically. If you use paper questionnaires, please mail or fax them to us at the address below.

Thank you so very much for your help with this important study.

Valley Readers Theatre Group

The Valley Readers Theatre Group brings storytelling and radio theatre to its audiences. They use Readers Theatre as theatre of imagination where you can listen and enjoy legend, lore, and facts from another era. The group performs twenty-seven stories adapted and directed by Marilyn Warsofsky. She has a B.F.A. and and M.F.A. in Theatre from Virginia Commonwealth University and has spent 35 years as an actress, director, coach, and playwright. Marilyn also teaches workshops in Readers Theatre for local and statewide organizations.

Many of the ten to twelve performers in the company worked in theatre until they retired in Arizona. All of them are ‘of a certain age’ and more than half have been with the group for twelve years.

Each Readers Theatre script runs 12 to 15 minutes so the group can perform a show of any length in any space simply using chairs and music stands. Actors play both narrators and characters while adding sound effects.

For twelve years, the company has performed in many locations including community centers, social clubs, and at elementary schools, churches, historical societies, low vision groups, and a community college that sponsors a class each semester.


Marilyn Warsofsky

Senior Theatre USA Festival and Conference

The 2012 Festival was great! See the photos below.

If you missed it, check back for information about the 2014 Festival. Click here to learn more about Senior Theatre USA.