A New Book of Award-Winning Shows for Older Actors!

September 29, 2021

AGELESS: 11 Short Plays Celebrating Seniors

In a year when theatres were hit hard, a new book of short plays celebrating seniors is getting attention. Why? Because each one is a compelling, well-written story, about being older in the modern world told in about 10 minutes.

The plays, award winners from the Still Crazy After All These Years Festival, explore how relationships endure and change over time, from a 50 year crush turning into a reunion hookup, to returning a crayon after 50 years. Others look at the complexities of marriage, from an empty-nester husband who dresses like a rabbit, to a woman seeking to jazz things up in the bedroom. The settings span the globe from a New Zealand bunker to an art gallery. With small casts, the shows feature active, engaged seniors. Useful for in-person and online performances, the plays are popular with audiences of all ages.

Whether about rediscovering yourself, rekindling old relationships, or starting new ones, these plays are guaranteed to lift spirits. They will entertain and speak to everybody who seeks to live life fully, at any age.

ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center promotes Senior Theatre by making it easy for older actors to find and perform pieces that meet their needs. The collection of 400+ Senior Theatre plays, books, and materials, is the gold standard in the field, a treasure trove of bright, lively shows featuring older people in their best and most humane light.

Book Stats: 108 pages, 8½ x 11”; ISBN: 9781734432800

Curated by Kate Katcher; Edited by Bonnie L. Vorenberg

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