Sometimes a Rainbow

Story, Lyrics, and Music by Tom Northam, ASCAP
Music Arranged by Dale E. Wise, MME
Choral Arrangement by Doug Raught, MME

There are people, regardless of their station in life, who can somehow find love, happiness and peace of mind. There is…Sometimes a Rainbow.

National award winning playwright and composer, Tom Northam, introduced his newest musical, “Sometimes A Rainbow,” to overflow audiences in the Performing Arts Center at Lake of the Woods, VA, by the Lakeside Senior Theatre.

The Cast:
There are four major female characters who sing, one major male who sings, one narrator, two minor female and two minor male roles plus a mixed dancing and singing ensemble which doubles from tourists to street people.

The Set: The show has one set: a small park with two park benches, one trash can, a street sign, and a hot dog concession stand.

The Music: There are eleven songs. Lead sheets for vocals and piano accompaniment come with the script. An orchestrated CD is available.

“Duchess, all of a sudden…everything is an adventure…you’ve given me a new life…a whole new world!”

The Show: The totally delightful show centers on Cordy Shelburne, an abused elderly widow with no purpose or hope, who discovers the meaning of life and the joys of living while surviving on the streets of Washington, DC. By applying the sage advice of a crusty bag lady, Duchess. She enriches not only her own life, but also several other characters she meets along the way.

The show consists of ten scenes in one act: approximately one hour and thirty-five minutes, which can easily be split into two acts.

The Actors: “It’s the best character I’ve ever played!”

The Reviews: The show brings instantaneous standing ovations with nothing but rave reviews. Here are a few:

“It’s delightful and the best show I’ve seen in many years!”

“The musical score is awesome. It had me laughing one minute and crying the next. ”

“I will never look at homeless people the same way again. The story has great impact!”

“The music and lyrics have so much meaning…I can’t get them out of my head!”

“The only thing wrong with the show…it was over too soon!”

Duchess and Cordy after meeting “Street People”

Contact us for a free perusal of the script and music. You’ll have two months to review the show. Then, you’ll say, “Yes!”

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