• All I Want is the Recipe&…


    2 mujeres

    Comedia de 10 minutes

    En esta entretenida conversación telefónica, la persona que llama quiere saber cómo hacer un guiso.   En lugar de eso, se encuentra así misma enredada en una conversación que se dispara en todas direcciones…por todos lados, ¡excepto en la dirección de la receta!
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  • The Bug Hunters


    cast of 5

    10 minute comedy

    The Fox sisters outfox two men pretending to be from the State Health Board.
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  • Gin and Tonic (in Spanish)


    1 hombre, 1 mujer

    Comedia de 10 minutos

    Esta comedia de carcajadas ofrece una mirada fresca a los problemas de las citas románticas en la tercera edad.
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  • The Magazine


    4 men, 2 women

    12-15 minute comedy

    Doug Stewart 12-15 minute comedy 4 men, 2 women In this moving comedy, a napping Elroy is completely oblivious as five complete strangers engage in a spirited cross-generational debate above his sleeping form regarding the value of history's hard-earned lessons. Available only as an e-script.
  • Jogging et Commérages (&…


    2 femmes

    10 minutes

    "Jogging et Commérages" se compose de cinq sketches comiques mettant en scène deux femmes Seniors s'arrêtant de courir assez longtemps pour parler de ce qui se passe dans leurs vies.
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  • Lalapalooza Bird


    cast of 6

    20 minutes

    Grandpa is very happy living in his beach shack, spotting whales with his telescope. But his daughter, Estelle, wants him to live in her apartment. Great story with children and adults sharing the stage!
  • Senior Moments: The Gamblers


    1 man, 1 woman

    14 minutes

    Colonel William and Mother Angie have a chance encounter at a casino, and he is forced to change lifelong habits. Is one of the plays in Senior Moments.
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  • New Plays for Mature Acto…


    2 men, 4 women, 1 narrator who can be male or female

    10-15 minute comedy

    Gracie, Miranda, and Sara are looking for a new roommate! It seems that they found the perfect person…but it’s a man! What will the neighbors think?
  • Seniors Acting Up: Safeguard


    1 man, 2 women

    11 minutes

    While Tillie paints Mary's portrait, Felix arouses Mary's concern with weird quotations and erratic behavior while writing a play. She sees his final step as suicidal.
  • Modern Technology


    1 woman, 1 voice

    5 minute comedy

    Surprised by the sight of a dead cow in the street, the woman calls Animal Control. She listens to the long taped message, then takes an innovative step to solve the problem.
  • Seniors Acting Up: Fruitcakes


    2 women

    28 minute comedy

    Generous, hard-working Eloise doesn't understand the purpose of Gloria, who identifies herself as her heavenly guardian. As the news sinks in, Eloise's fear shifts to anticipation.
  • The Revenge of Sacajawea


    2 men, 2 women

    12 minute comedy

    In the Women's Court of Iniquities, George suggests it's a place where men are never right, but Phil doesn't follow that advice, which leads to an unusual sentencing.
  • Sunday School Revelations


    1 man, 1 woman

    5 minute comedy

    Kids can misunderstand the Bible and theological definitions as these two dozen examples illustrate.
  • Welcome to Acceptance

    1 man, 1 woman

    20 minute comedy

    Sam, an experienced robber of small banks, is surprised when Mrs. Melcher, a brand new teller, is not the pushover he typically finds.