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A coffee date has never been so interesting! Besides the two potential lovebirds at the table, their inner voices are along to coach, cajole, and criticize.

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  • Linda LaRocque
    10 minute comedy
    2 men, 2 women
    It’s a “let’s meet for coffee and get to know each other” date. But tagging along with the two potential lovebirds are their inner voices, the “real” Ed and the “real” Jackie. As a nervous Jackie rambles on, sharing photos and detailed stories of every family member and pet, Ed seems politely interested while “real” Ed is free with his snarky judgements and urges a quick escape. But “real” Ed has a real soft spot for good food and if Jackie is as accomplished of a cook as she claims….maybe she does deserve a second chance. Actors find the psychological twists of this short comedy delightful!

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    Ageless, Dating, In a Restaurant