These are our favorite, “no fail” plays, great for classes and groups just starting out!

  • Age on Stage®: Comedies …


    cast varies 2-6

    10, 10 minute plays

    Best Seller! This collection of ten 10-minute comedies is a laugh fest all the way. Sparked with funny characters and humorous situations, lively dialogue, and just the right touch of charming goofiness.
  • Gin and Tonic


    1 man, 1 woman

    10 minute comedy

    This laugh-out-loud comedy offers a fresh look at the problems of senior dating. A 'never-fail' show!
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  • New Plays for Mature Actors


    cast varies 2-8

    run times 7-90 minutes

    This ever-popular collection of ten plays brings you up-to-date characters in current situations with plenty of females roles. Useful for amateur to professionals. A classic Senior Theatre book!
  • Housecleaning


    1 Either

    Less than 2 minutes

    Ida, a frustrated homemaker, swears off housework for more enlightening tasks. A never-fail show and a hit wherever it's performed!
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  • The Challenge of Bureaucracy

    $3.00$20.00 Sale!

    cast of 5

    7 minute comedy

    In search of her missing Social Security check, Finney navigates her way through one hilarious "helper" to another only to find red tape and an (in)definite answer. Short, easy, and never-fail!
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  • New Plays for Mature Acto…


    2 men, 3 women

    90 minute comedy

    Anna and Virginia are having lunch at their regular restaurant when Bea comes in asking for something to eat, upsetting their world. Lovely and funny!
  • New Plays for Mature Acto…



    7-10 minute comedy sketch

    An older lady has not received her last Social Security check so she calls a bureaucrat for help. Short, easy and best of all, it's a ‘never fail’ script!
  • The Day They Kidnapped Blanche


    2 men, 3 women, 1 either

    30 minute comedy

    Ann Pugh & Katy Dacus 30 minute comedy 2 men, 3 women, 1 either When residents in area nursing homes start disappearing, the FBI takes notice. Blanche Sherwin lands the role of a lifetime when federal agent Steven Devon asks her to go undercover to gather evidence. Click below to purchase the collection, New Plays for Mature Actors.