Plays for Online Performances

Many of the ArtAge scripts are easily adapted to online platforms because by their very nature, they require little movement and simple staging. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Listed below are just a few of the plays that have been performed successfully online!

Romance Reconfigured
15 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Mimsy and Stephan keep romance alive with their unique twist on weekly Zoom dates.

Telemarketer Torment
15 minute comedy, 3 men, 4 women
Silvia hatches a brilliant idea for how to handle telemarketers. She no longer hangs up with anger. With her new strategy, they can’t get off the call fast enough!

Gin and Tonic (French and Spanish versions, too!)
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
This laugh-out-loud comedy offers a fresh look at the problems of senior dating. A ‘never-fail’ show!

11 Minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Jay and Amanda are a couple waiting to happen–or are they? An under-five soccer game seems an odd place to find a companion but maybe the grandkids are the key.

Just a Song at Twilight
25 minute romantic comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
After unpacking from her move to a senior apartment, an older woman goes to the park and meets another tenant. Do they share a past? Can lost love be recovered?

Love in 4/4 Time
40 minute play for aging awareness
Two couples, confronted by the reality of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, forge ahead into life’s undefined future with humor and honesty.

Made for Each Other
30 minute comedy, 1 man, 3 women, 2 either
Pauline Stewart lives alone. To insure her mother’s safety, her daughter and son-in-law have hired companions for her. She fires every one of them until Annie Simms shows up!

Not Kate or Leo
10 minute drama, 1 man, 1 woman
Isidor and Ida Straus lost their lives prematurely on the deck of The Titanic, but their love, arguments, and an additional consolation survive the wave.

The Quibbles Radio Shows
10 five minute sketches, a cast of 4-40
The collection is reminiscent of old time radio shows, featuring a delightfully quarrelsome couple in skirmishes of everyday life!

Up and Down
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
What happens when two people get trapped in an elevator? Find out in this delightful comedy about anxiety, anger, and connecting. Fun and very easy to stage!

Still Twenty-Nine
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Life is quiet, simple, and routine for stodgy retiree, Earl, until Aileen, his fun-loving wife, jostles the norm by joining a motorcycle club!

Tech Support
15 minute comedy, 2 men and 2 women or 2 either
An older person calls tech support to get their new computer and printer working. On the other end of the line, somewhere in Calcutta, India, tech support is anything but helpful!

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