Joyce Schwartz

Joyce Schwartz was introduced to writing comedy years ago, when NBC invited families of employees to submit a script idea for the sitcom Frasier. Wanting to be worthy of consideration, she kept tweaking her script only to miss the deadline. Several years later, when she joined the Drama Club in her community, she learned they were looking for original short plays. She took the script for Frasier out of moth balls and submitted it in an abbreviated version. After watching the actors bring her play to life, she was hooked! Many more short plays followed.

Over the years, several of her plays were selected to be performed at the annual Lawrenceville, New Jersey Playfest and the Playmasters Theater in Pennsylvania. She has directed several short plays. Her first attempt was a brave undertaking, directing a cast of 17 actors in a play that was performed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Joyce says, “Whether real or imaginary, I love bringing stories and characters to life. I especially enjoy writing for seniors because I can relate. Personalities evolve over the years, sometimes becoming forces to be reckoned with. That can prove to be a nightmare for some, but for me, it is a writer’s dream.”


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