How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters

Our Favorite Fundraising book!
Second Edition

Mal Warwick

Write with confidence and reach your donors

You’ll learn all the essential components of writing for success from this go-to book for writing for fundraising! Mal Warwick, the nation’s premier letter-writing tutor and direct mail expert, shows you the essential tools for making your direct marketing program a success. He gives you both general advice about the most effective direct mail strategies and specific guidance. Learn his step-by-step model through all the critical stages -from laying the groundwork for a prosperous campaign through the importance of thanking donors. Includes new chapters on E-mail solicitations, monthly and legacy giving. Use his sample letters, real world examples, style tips, and more to have successful awards. The book comes with CD that has many samples.

Refreshed and Revised:

  • Gain insight into current trends in the field with updated cases, samples, and examples
  • Access more content for small to medium non-profit organizations with limited budgets and resources
  • Learn the latest technology with new sections on typography and lay out

If you want to dramatically enhance your fundraising letters, turn to Mal Warwick, the undisputed master in the field. Jerry Cianciolo, Contributions Magazine.


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