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The Following Hard Copy Scripts are on sale until January 31, 2022 From the product page of the script, under “How would you like to receive this product?” select: Hard Copy Sale Fine Print 10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 either Though honesty is the best policy at Heavens’ Human Resources Department, Harry can’t help […]

New Plays and Books

We’re happy to introduce these new scripts in our collection. Click on the title for a longer description, testimonials, and a FreeView. We think you’re really going to like these new gems!   NEW BOOKS Creative Care: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia and Elder Care Anne Basting, Ph. D. Transform your approach to interacting with […]

Send in your plays

ArtAge Publications, the source of Senior Theatre plays, books and materials for older performers accepts submissions. Meeting the needs of older performers, from amateur to professional, there is something for everyone–from short and easy sketches to 3-act musicals. What to submit: The Senior Theatre collection features plays and musicals of all lengths, but short shows […]

Most Performed Shows in ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center

We are thrilled to announce that there were 714 performances of our shows in the last year! Here’s the list: Title Author What’s on TV? Drena Heizer Age on Stage: Comedies Vol I Drena Heizer Gin and Tonic John Clifford Santa Flunks Retirement Drena Heizer Noah Bob Rinfret The Meeting Drena Heizer Louie and Louise […]

2022 Best Seller List

With our extensive collection, it’s sometimes difficult to choose what you’d like to order next. Here’s our list of the top 10 Best Sellers for this year. You’re going to enjoy these popular items: Age on Stage®: Comedies for Readers Theatre Volume 1 This collection of ten 10-minute comedies is a laugh fest all the […]

Need large print scripts?

Need your scripts in large print? Many actors enjoy and appreciate larger font sizes. If this is your case, call or email us with the size you want. We’ll send them quickly–and your actors will love you for it! Also, if you need cast copies of plays, we supply them at a reduced cost. Whatever […]