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Appear on Pink Lady’s New TV Show

Pink Lady Presents and Senior Star Power Productions were founded in 2007 by The Pink Lady, Jackie Goldberg, and have been filling theatres ever since. Pink Lady and Senior Star Power’s mission are to promote healthy, creative aging for seniors and veterans through the Arts with a vision to produce and encourage performance, workshops, mentoring programs, and master classes.

Now, Pink Lady Presents is featuring a television show, It Ain’t Over ‘Til YOU Say It’s Over! This new and exciting TV Show features guests who share their life story and talents with the world! Viewers get to know who you are and what you do to help make the world a better place.

This is your opportunity to shine. Taping for the interviews and performances take place live on camera, in their beautiful Sherman Oaks Studios in California. Segments are filmed every Wednesday at 11 AM and are available on YouTube. All ages are welcome. To apply, send an email with your life experiences and talents and how you continue to “Get Up, Get Out, & Get A Life!” to The world is waiting for your story!

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At the young age of 85, the Pink Lady reaches out to seniors, baby boomers, and veterans to prove that life is not over when you reach 60. Since 2007, she has been presenting a lecture series called Get Up, Get Out, & Get a Life! which inspires seniors, baby boomers, and veterans to stay healthy with a positive attitude and gratitude, to live longer and happier lives. The Pink Lady’s book, Get Up, Get Out & Get a Life! is available on


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