Senior Theatre Connections: Senior Theatre Performing Groups, Professionals, and Resources

Senior Theatre Connections





by Bonnie L. Vorenberg

Senior Theatre Connections introduces you to what has been called, “one of the fastest growing forms of the performing  arts.” Discover how mature adults from around the world are getting their feet wet on stage. From simple readings to complete productions, seniors find that performing brings better health and a lot of fun. This beautiful and useful book connects you with the who, what, when and where of the field. It’s all here–the foundation of a growing movement in an exciting new genre of performing arts. Learn from the people who are acting, singing, and dancing into the hearts of older audiences. Connect with playwrights, those making films and discover the thrill of being on stage.

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Performing Groups in the United States,
Performing Groups in Canada, Europe, and Other Countries
Performing Artists
Senior Theatre Professionals
Playwrights & Scripts for Senior Theatre
Opportunities in Senior Theatre
Academic Programs
Acting in Commercials
Education Programs in Theatre
Interactive and Reminiscence Theatre
Community Theatres with Senior Programs
Associations in Theatre and Aging
Films  and Videos
Funding for Senior Theatre
Bibliography  of Books, Play Anthologies & Articles

Fully indexed, the book is soft cover, perfect bound, 144 pages, and 8 1/2” x 11.” (ISBN #: 0-9669412-0-9)

A long overdue directory of resources for professionals and beginners who love theatre!  If you want to know more about performing companies, senior programs, arts councils, books, bibliographies, and more, this in-depth guide is a practical tool to get you started, at both the beginning and advanced level. Joy H. Reilly, Ph.D., Ohio State University Theatre Department

Senior theatre has kept me alive. For over 18 years, it has gotten me out of the house, helped me find a second family, and do it all without pills! I went from being a grocery checker to leading actress because I love being in front of an audience. I encourage others to read Senior Theatre Connections and see how it can change your life! Nona, Performer, age 84.

This resource is a dandy.  Along with a complete directory of theatre groups for seniors, which are listed in alphabetical order but indexed by both state and name, seasoned Vorenberg includes resources on every aspect of senior theatre…Older actors as well as those working in…communities will find a wealth of information here on finding, initiating, and expanding senior programs…Vorenberg’s enthusiasm for her subject adds bounce to the text–and her bibliography of books, plays, anthologies, and articles on senior arts and theatre is downright motivational.  Librarians serving older populations would do well to add this one to their shelves. Today’s Librarian

Applause, Applause.  Regardless of the experience level, senior are flocking to the stage in droves…an inspiration indispensable resource for seniors interested in the theater…Senior Theatre Connections has everything! New York Daily News

If you have any doubts that senior performing artists are making their mark, take a look at “Senior Theatre Connections. Toronto Star

Senior Theatre is growing up into its own over North America…a universal trend! The Commercial Appeal, Memphis

Senior performers are not upstaged by age. Senior Theatre Connections provides information that anyone interested in individual participation has a good place to start. The Times Picayune, New Orleans


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