• Spare Nothing – A C…

    $7.50$55.00 Sale!

    2 men 2 women, plus audience participants

    90+ minute comedy

    Jonathan M. Zaley 90+ minute comedy 2 men 2 women, plus audience participants As they say in bowling centers around the globe, "Split Happens," and this audience-interactive comedy will have you rolling in the alleys with laughter while you watch St. Mary's of the Alley's Mixed Nuts bowling team as they prepare for their big championship game!
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  • New Plays for Mature Acto…


    2 men, 3 women

    90 minute comedy

    Anna and Virginia are having lunch at their regular restaurant when Bea comes in asking for something to eat, upsetting their world. Lovely and funny!
  • Back In the Dreamtime


    4 men, 7 women

    1 hour, 40 minute musical comedy

    A musical set at a 47th high school reunion in a small town, a sometimes melancholy, sometimes joyous gathering. Easy show, fun to perform!
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  • Crash!

    $7.50$35.00 Sale!

    Flexible casting

    1 hour

    Created by a well-respected intergenerational company, this show turns the economic crisis into an opportunity to bring the generations together. Crash provides audiences with hope, insight, and joy.
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