Read our Kudos

We’re always thrilled when we hear good things about our work. We wanted to share them with you. Here are some of our Kudos!

You were amazing!  Hedda Muskat, Producer, NBC’s “Second Chance: Search for the Most Talented Senior in America”

Bonnie is the guru of Senior Theatre! Paula Terry, National Endowment for the Arts, Office of Accessibility

We don’t know what we’d do without the Senior Theatre Resource Center. We love your plays!   Heather Tremblay

So glad that we have your organization as such a reliable resource!  Michael Serres

We received everything so quickly and we adore the scripts. ArtAge never lets us down! The readers were roaring with laughter as they read some of the new material. Regina Ford

I admire and love your organization!  Joe Saracco

Thank you so much for providing such a wealth of theatre for seniors. We look to your organization for so much!  Marie Benoit

The group wanted to write their own skit and I said, “No.” We’ve have had such success with ArtAge that I don’t want to see a so-so performance with a home-written skit. Pearl Cieslak

Amazing service! We are looking forward to presenting this play! Riki

I love ArtAge! Bonnie is easy to work with, creative and 100% for older actors. Karen Riehl

Thank you for giving me such a grand start in Senior Theatre–It has completely changed my life. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. Kevagne Kadish

I read your article about Senior Theatre 4 years ago and every time I cleaned my desk, I would try to throw out the old newspaper, but couldn’t. I kept thinking about how I’d love to be on stage again. Now, I’m calling you, finally after all this time! Thank you for what you are doing to encourage older actresses, like me. Marilyn Kautz

It was a pleasure meeting you in person and see how many devoted clients you have. You certainly have had a major impact on Senior Theatre. While we enjoyed talking about our research we also loved learning about the projects of the other members on the panel. Your survey results were fascinating.  Tony & Helga Noice

Congratulations on your award! It’s a no brainer that you should get it – who does more for seniors theatre as a whole than you do!  Vrenia Ivonoffski

I am encouraged by all you have contributed to the field of senior theatre and look forward to immersing myself in this. Thank you so much – can’t wait to read those books!!! Nancy Fox

But, as always, you cover so much and keep expanding, and still know how to do things in the senior theatre area better than anyone else! Keep moving forward. Ludmilla Bollow, playwright

Looks like you’ve taken a commanding lead in the Senior Theatre field. Keep up the great work. Ted Fuller, Director

Thanks for all you are doing, it is really a motivating force to help us get going. You folks are great to work with!  Germaine St. John

…and thank you for providing a collection of material from which we can draw. You make our selection process so much easier. Tina Mullins

Thanks for all you do to help us that are ministering to the senior thespians. Karen Paulin

I was really inspired by you, Bonnie! Sometimes you need a push to fulfill your dreams. We appreciate you and the seniors do too. Whenever we go out to perform, it just keeps getting better–we have so many requests we can’t keep up with it! Carol Rumba, Golden Guild

God bless you for creating this … institution, site, theatre…I’m 37 and am glad to have stumbled upon it. Mary Elizabeth Kearney

Thanks for all that you do in the Senior Theatre community. We are all so lucky to have you as our resource person. I am grateful for your expertise, suggestions, and  your connections whenever I need help with my dissertation!  Kristen Koehler

The troupe is always excited when we have good publicity. I enjoyed reading the newsletter. You are doing good work. Lee Jaffe, Director, Still Acting Up

Thanks for caring about seniors so much. I love what you are doing for seniors. Nian Cadman Dake, Dance Teacher featured in NBC’s “Second Chance: Search for America’s Most Talented Senior”

Thanks for everything you do for Senior Theatre! Lydia Lord, Encore Theatre

Thank you again for all your great work. It looks like you folks are doing some wonderful things and I am very proud to be part of it. All my best! Lora Lee Ecobelli, playwright

Bless you, ArtAge, for keeping us seniors forever young. Irene Hermes, senior performer

Congratulations on having such a successful website and organization. Thanks for helping us reach more folks. Eliza Roaring Springs, Director Encore Theatre

Thank you for the prompt mailing of my order. I received it today and have already read “Gin and Tonic” and glanced at the other materials. They all look good and just what I need. Joyce Haines, director

Thanks for all you are doing, it is really a motivating force to get going. Germaine

You are a great organization to work with! Fondly, another Germaine

And thank you for providing a collection of material from which we can draw. You make our selection process much easier. Tina

Thanks for the booklet of sketches, we used them last week and read 4 of them to great applause! We managed to talk about 5 men into taking parts which is an achievement! We are planning to act several more at a later date. Val, Australia

Your website has empowered my enthusiasm to go forward. Marlene West

Thank you so much for your continued marketing of “Chatterton Country Club.” I am happy for its success in your hands! Annette Tringham

It was a pleasure doing business with your organization. I was especially pleased with your personal touch and interest in our production. Kathy Amelia

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts! ArtAge is dedicated to personalized service that helps you be successful in Senior Theatre. We appreciate your support!