The Gift of Love


Howard and Roz are rushing out to their grandchild’s birthday party when a potential gift rattles them. How to handle the child’s recent trans revelation?  

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  • Steve Fogelman
    10 minute issue-oriented play
    1 man, 1 woman

    Howard and Roz are rushing to their grandchild’s  birthday party with a potential gift that brings up their fears and acceptance of the child’s recent trans revelation. Strong characters in a solid and quick plot, this show is useful as an educational tool or entertainment piece.

    Here’s what they’re saying about the show:

    • Grandparents of a trans kid respond differently, authentically struggle to accept each other’s positions, from a place of love, not hate. Short, but not slight; an effective play to add to the growing number of plays about transgender issues. -Asher Wyndham, New Play Exchange
    • It awakened my imagination and I welcomed it with all my senses. The clever, intriguing dialog slowly and skillfully unravels before you–provocative, with all its twists and turns, contemporary and relevant, touching. –Andie E., New York, N.Y.
    • Packs a lot of depth into a short play. It was fascinating to watch the different layers of the characters emerge as the play progressed, like peeling back the layers of an onion. Thought provoking and timely. –Marjorie R, New York, N.Y.

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    About the playwright: Steve Fogelman holds a degree in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, and over the years has served as an art director, filmmaker, swim suit designer, and chef. Since transplanting to New York, he has completed several full-length plays. The Gift of Love had its premiere reading at Equity Library Theater’s Playwrights Festival in New York.

    The playwright regularly rides an elevator with a neighbor’s adorable toddler who wears princess outfits with his boy’s name and short hair. This child inspired him to write this play about how grandparents adapt and learn about trans grandchildren.

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    Steve Fogelberg


    Issue Oriented

    Running Time

    10 Minute Play





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