• Our Voices: Senior Selfies


    Scenes for 1-9 actors, predominantly women

    1-15 minute vignettes

    A unique collaboration between a professional playwright and a group of seniors, Our Voices: Senior Selfies celebrates seniors’ empowerment through vignettes that are hilarious, insightful and poignant.
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  • Volunteering Has Its Moments


    4 women, 1 either

    20 minute comedy

    The play is set on the “Opal” show, a nationally televised tribute to volunteers moderated by the popular TV personality. The fast paced comedy is a fitting tribute to volunteers.
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  • The Visitor


    2 men, 2 women

    10 minute comedy

    Though Harry Goldstein has only two things in mind, his will and his bad habit, he learns new life lessons in a touching play!
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