• Romance Senior Style: Boy…


    3 men, 2 women

    33-40 minute comedy

    Take a seniors' singles cruise and discover if nice guys really finish first, or if the ‘bad boy’ wins the girl. The second play in the "Romance Senior Style" series.
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  • Starting Over


    1 man, 2 women

    15 minute comedy

    Solly and May meet in an urban park to share secrets in a relationship that connects them in a bright new future.
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  • Coconut Creme Pie


    1 man, 1 woman

    10 minute comedy

    On his first day delivering pies for his son-in-law’s business, everything goes wrong...wrong address, a dropped pie, and someone who comes to his aid. Such a nice show!
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  • Love and Other Investments


    2 men, 2 women

    25 minute comedy

    Wry-witted, with rapid fire screwball comedy dialogue. Agnes tries to finish her taxes but finds that there's more to life than investments and paperwork.
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  • Gin and Tonic (in French)


    1 homme et 1 femme

    10 minutes

    Cette excellente comédie propose un regard neuf sur les problèmes qu'ont les Seniors pour leurs rendez-vous amoureux.
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