• Mr. E’s Radio Spiri…


    Flexible cast of 11

    75+minute comedy

    This old-fashioned radio murder mystery suspense comedy is a real cliffhanger! The station manager of WMOO radio assigns the sound effects to the live radio audience and chaos ensues.
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  • Gen. BingO: A Comedy abou…

    $7.50$55.00 Sale!

    1 man, 2 women, plus audience participants

    90 plus minute comedy

    In the local VFW hall at Wednesday Night Bingo, audience members are made to feel like one of the regulars! They’ll laugh and sing and play some wild and wacky audience games.
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  • The Glass Slipper Still F…


    1 man, 4 women plus audience participants

    70+ minute comedy

      A widow lives in the attic of her own house but finds that her later years are more fulfilling and exciting than she could have ever expected. This story will fill your audiences with laughter, adventure, and love!
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  • Memories of a Wonderful Life

    $7.50$55.00 Sale!

    3 men, 1 woman

    80+ minutes comedy

    It's A Wonderful Life, but with a marvelous twist!
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  • Spare Nothing – A C…

    $7.50$55.00 Sale!

    2 men 2 women, plus audience participants

    90+ minute comedy

    Jonathan M. Zaley 90+ minute comedy 2 men 2 women, plus audience participants As they say in bowling centers around the globe, "Split Happens," and this audience-interactive comedy will have you rolling in the alleys with laughter while you watch St. Mary's of the Alley's Mixed Nuts bowling team as they prepare for their big championship game!
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