Plays about Doctors

These shows all relate to Doctors. Put them together to create a production of any length. Click on the title for play information and to read a FreeView, then order your copy.


Zombie Cream
10 minute comedy
3 women
Either Margaret has a wicked sense of humor or she is saving Ellen from becoming a zombie. Is this a joke?

Splitting Hares
10 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women
Couples counseling takes a strange turn as Ron and Annie struggle with a serious case of “Rabbititis.” Doctor Harvey has her hands full with a case of furry ears, a twitchy nose, and a patient who doesn’t know heads from (cotton) tails.

Doctor, Doctor
25 minute comedy
2 men, 4 women, and 1 male voice
In his zany medical office, Dr. Fatpacker dipenses medicine while his under-paid receptionist gives her own medical opinion to anyone who might want to listen.

Calling Dr. Phil
20 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
Dixie has a unique problem with her husband, but her favorite TV shrink, Dr. Phil, isn’t available to help. Disappointed but determined, Dixie turns to Dr. Naish, a local therapist, but she isn’t sure he’s up to the level of Dr. Phil’s standards.

You’re My Doctor?!
5 minutes
1 man, 1 woman, 1 either
In this laugh-a-minute skit, Hank goes to his trusty old physician for his annual physical. But things do not go exactly as planned.

Heart to Heart
10 minutes
2 women, 1 either
A heart ready to be transplanted, two widows, and the donor as adulterer and/or embezzler and what should have been routine becomes anything but ordinary.

Side Effects
10 minutes
5 women
A spoof of pharmaceuticals with bizarre side effects, with disasters that happen after an e-mail chain letter breaks, and a mysterious stranger who answers a phone that never rings.

Oh, Doctor
1-4 characters
4-6 minutes
Very popular short sketch

Rachel Holds Court
10 minute play
2 women
Feisty Rachel reveals more than she intends when she dispenses dating advice to Lenore.


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