Penny Petersen

Penny Petersen has loved theatre since age 6, when her grandmother introduced her to the Rockettes and the opera. It started an addiction for life. She has a Masters in Theatre and directed plays and taught theatre for 50 years. For 21 years, she managed a community college theatre program while doing free-lance directing and writing plays. Her full length play Reunited has been performed from Washington State to Williamsburg, Virginia. The cast features four dorm-mates from the University of Nebraska who get together to celebrate the 65th birthday of one.  Two men, a former football coach and the other a newspaper photographer complicate their celebration.

Penny’s original musical, The Good Years–The Musical, features the 50+ crowd. In it, two middle-aged daughters try to fix up their widowed parents and create a comedic mess. Mimes intercede and solve the problems. The Good Years is also available in non-musical form.

In addition, Penny has written two books, one a collection of stories about growing up in New York City in the 40s, the other about Alzheimer’s and how it affects caregivers. Penny also performs in a dance band going regular gigs with her husband and a drummer.


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