Love Conquers The Wild West

Love ConquersJim Gustafson

3 men, 6 women, double casting possible
15 minute melodrama

One of our new Reader’s Theatre Karaoke® scripts. The melodrama is set in the 1870’s when Daisy Fontaine, a young and beautiful New York socialite is engaged to marry the man of her dreams. However, as the wedding approaches she gets news that her brother, an early settler in the Wild West, has lost his wife to the fever. Faced with his raising three small children alone, Daisy leaves New York, her wealth, and the man she loves to help the family.

As the years go by, Daisy never loves again and settles in to the hard life of a frontier woman. Eventually an unusual turn of events reunites Daisy with the man she left behind and discovers that true love can tame the Wild West.  Features the normal good guys and bad guys that make melodrama fun!

Love Conquers The Wild West comes with the script, music, and sound effects on a DVD. Just insert the disc in a standard DVD player and you’re ready to perform. You’ll receive both the DVD and an e-script.

Click here to see and listen to a sample
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DVD $24.95

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