Save $5 on Select Hard Copies

The Following Hard Copy Scripts are on sale until January 31, 2022 From the product page of the script, under “How would you like to receive this product?” select: Hard Copy Sale Fine Print 10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 either Though honesty is the best policy at Heavens’ Human Resources Department, Harry can’t help […]

Senior Theatre Gifts

This holiday season give the gift of Senior Theatre! Here is a list of items everyone will love. The Improv Game-This deck of who, what, when, where and why cards provide jumping off points to stimulate creativity, imagination, and spontaneity. There are unlimited combinations for hours of enjoyment in drama classes, at parties or wherever […]

Play Collections

Play Collections include multiple scripts so readers can choose the one that works best for them. Age on StageTM: Comedies for Readers Theatre, Volume 1 is our best seller. It includes plays that numerous companies have staged successfully for years. Click here to read about the plays in the Age on Stage collections.  $24.95

Music, Movement & Longevity

Specially chosen sections from all of the Ann Smith exercise videos, making it easy to vary daily exercise. It was produced in honor of Ann’s 80th year and her 50 years of teaching.

Never Act Your Age

Learn how to use theatre for a healthier, more active life. The witty, whimsical Dr. Dale keeps you in stitches as he prescribes acting and laughter to help you feel years younger. Gain a new outlook on how being on stage can bring you health, success, and a fuller life.

Aging Artfully

This rich collection of photos and recollections demonstrate the value of creativity during any age of our lives. Includes “7 Songs of Women’s Lives,” a CD by Frances Kandl. They are based on the women featured in “Aging Artfully.”