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October, 2017

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"Doctor, Doctor" was a hit on New Year's Eve!

Bonnie's Column: Focus on
New Year's Eve


As you begin planning your holiday shows, don't forget the many opportunities that are open to you on New Year's Eve. The holiday season is a busy time that's jam-packed with events but a lot of seniors don't have anything to do on New Year's Eve. You can fill in the gap.

I've always promoted end-of-year events but was reminded again when I talked with Deborah Garrett who stages an evening of dinner and a play, followed by a dance with live music. The program includes a "huge ball drop at midnight." Now in her third year, the celebration has become a major fund raiser for her Conference Center.

Other Senior Theatre companies have staged a series of short plays with a positive, upbeat theme for the evening. One director told me, "My New Year's Eve show is a huge hit. It draws large audiences and everyone enjoys that there is something special for them on this usually over-looked evening."

This year, think about how you can use theatre to make New Year's Eve into something special!

Yours in theatre,
Bonnie Vorenberg, ArtAge President


Holiday Plays!

Now is the perfect time to plan your holiday show. We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite seasonal plays. They can be done as readers theatre or as fully mounted shows. Some are short, some are longer, all have the spirit of the holidays for you and your audience’s pleasure! Click on the titles to read more about our fun favorites.

All e-scripts are $5 off the regular price until October 26.

Christmas at the Lake
Betty Annand
40 minutes
3 men, 7 women
Jim is tired of Christmas and everything about it so he decides to stay at the lake cabin alone while his wife, Ethel, entertains friends and family. It doesn’t take long before Jim gets bored. During a nap, he foresees the future and how his absence has impacted others. This is a sweet show about the value of friends and family.

Sad Sack Santa
Paul DiLella
15 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
Jay Evers, a part-time Santa, has had his fill of unruly, obnoxious kids. He’s done, but so are the vacation plans and the new kitchen. When his wife offers to take his place, the bet is on.

Merry Magic
Pamela Loyd
9 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
Louise and Herbert decide not to make a fuss about Christmas this year. But when a little Christmas tree finds its way into their home they discover a new kind of merriment and magic. A sweet, playful, warm-hearted play.

Home for the Holidays
from popular playwright,
Bob Naquin!
30 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women, 2 either.
A homeless person appears in the neighborhood and in the end, reminds us what is important about other people.

The Haunted Holiday Hotel
Heather Rapin and Betty Annand
75 minute comedy
5 men, 9 women, 6 either
The Haunted Holiday Hotel is jam-packed with zany characters and mysteries to solve. The fun and laughter can be enjoyed at any time of year!

Mrs. Claus Gets Menopause
Daniel Guyton
10 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
As Santa gets ready for the busiest night of the year, Mrs. Claus lays a doozy on him. She is going through menopause and isn’t very happy about it!

The Christmas Coffee
Ann Barnham Pugh
20-minute comedy
3 women, 1 special walk-on role
The Senior Center’s social committee prepares for their annual Christmas Coffee but to everyone’s surprise, a hip-hop rapper steals the show. A light and lively holiday show!

Mrs. Claus
Bruce Boeck
5 minute comedy
1 woman
In this hilarious monologue, Mabel Claus describes the trials and tribulations of being married to the world’s most famous man for 541 years. A true Christmas gem!

In One Door! Out the Other!
Jack Dyville
15 minute comedy
2 men, 2 women, or 14 actors
An hilarious romp through a fictional, run-down flea-bag hotel recently marked for destruction, with colorful inhabitants from various backgrounds!

Frank's 75th Christmas
Brandon Daughtry Slocum
20 minute comedy
11 either
Laugh through this popular holiday play about an unhappy character who gets a special visit on Christmas Eve that changes his bad attitude and his listless life.

Scrooge with a Twist
Martha McMillen
40 minute musical plus carols
1 man, 6 woman, 12 either
A delightful retelling of the beloved Christmas story which has many twists. Audience participation makes it a fresh and entertaining piece for any audience!

The Midnight Rider
Susanne Tenpenny
35 minute radio comedy
8 men, 8 women, or 8 either
The Midnight Rider is headed your way. Quick! Turn on the ‘radio’ to experience this delightful Christmas Eve comedy.

Merry Christmas Caper
D. K. Oklahoma
60 minute comedy
4 men, 5 women
There’s been a robbery at the Senior Center just before the holiday celebration. With a problem administrator, will they be able to celebrate the holidays?

The Christmas Police
Laura Pfizenmayer
10 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
Bring out your tacky Christmas ornaments and don your worst holiday sweaters…then watch out for the Christmas Police!

Dance of the Sugar Plump Fairies
Ludmilla Bollow
15 minute comedy
1 male voice, 2 women
Two cleaning women arrive on stage to tidy up after a performance of the Nutcracker and end up finding their own vision for their future.

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Click here for more holiday shows

All e-scripts are $5 off the regular price until October 26.


The Newest Additions to our Plays!

Performed by the Siskiyou Senior Players

We're happy to introduce the latest of many new scripts that will be coming your way. Take a look at:

Canine Contact
Penny Bloodhart
5 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
On a pleasant morning, George and Gracie encounter each other on a familiar park bench. Slightly acquainted, they briefly share the challenges of growing older. Through a happy exchange of ideas, they emerge hopeful about the future.

The Exchange
Frank Ridenour
6 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women
The simple act of returning a broken hair dryer evolves into a ‘shaken not stirred’ concoction of inanity and confusion with a dash of puzzlement, all topped off with a twist.

Thank You
Roger Brookfield
10 minute comedy
1 man, 1 woman
The good thing about imagination is it never gets old and no one can ever steal it from you. Rudy watches a neighbor couple perform a youthful ritual, and persuades his wife, Wanda, to join him and be transformed in their imaginations to dance like they did in their youth.

Heart to Heart
Eric Weil
10 minute comedy
2 women, 1 either
A heart ready to be transplanted, two widows, and the donor as adulterer and/or embezzler and what should have been routine becomes anything but ordinary.

The Comeuppance of Flame LaQuench
Terryl Paiste
10 minute comedy
3 men, 4 women but can be double cast; 1 man can play 3 roles
After three husbands and in spite of the dire warnings of her cousin and the Swamp Lady, headstrong Flame seems to be headed for her own death or, worse, comeuppance!

There For You
David Conforte
100 minute musical
4 men, 8 women
Things haven't gone well for songwriter/pianist Jesse Logan and singer Ray Romeo. For 45 years, they thought they would set the entertainment world on fire. Instead, with only one hit song, they resign themselves to playing dingy cocktail lounges and high school reunions. With nothing to lose, Ray concocts a scheme but things get complicated. Jesse is forced to deal with a husband and a granddaughter; meanwhile, Ray gets too much of a good thing.

With lovely tunes, endearing characters, and a fast-moving plot the musical is a love fest which teaches the true meaning of being “there for you.” Visit the website to listen to the endearing music!

Click here to see all the new plays for 2017-2018.


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