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Senior Theatre Online

April 2016

Table of Contents

Bonnie's column: Focus on hearing loss

Attend Senior Theatre Conference this summer

Take a look at Themes

Looking for a Summertime show? Take $5 off!

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Bonnie's column: Focus on hearing loss

We see many folks with glasses and think nothing about it. But when it comes to hearing loss, we become distressed, self-conscious, and reluctant to admit that we can't hear as well as we'd like. I'm here to tell you that hearing loss should be more accepted.

in fact, hearing impairment is more common than vision loss. The National Institute of Health says that, "Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older adults. Approximately 17 percent, or 36 million, of American adults report some degree of hearing loss." That's more than the number of older adults with vision loss!

What this means for us in Senior Theatre, is that we need to focus on hearing loss and how it affects our actors and audiences. For example,

  • For directors: Articulate, speak a bit louder, and make sure everyone is focused when we give direction.
  • For actors: Train actors in how to shape and project their words so articuation becomes second nature.
  • For audiences: Be sure to use microphones and raised stages because when audiences see better, they hear better.

These are only a few suggestions. On the link below, you'll find ways to adapt your techniques to help seniors with hearing impairment.

Don't be ashamed if you have hearing loss--wear your hearing aids with pride, just like you do with glasses!

Yours in theatre,

Bonnie Vorenberg, ArtAge President

Click here for more information about how to deal with hearing loss

Attend Senior Theatre Conference this summer

Joy Reilly speaks at the 2015 Senior Theatre Conference

Joy Reilly speaks at the 2015 Senior Theatre Conference

Join us for the 2016 Senior Theatre Program sponsored by ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education.) It will be held on August 11-14, 2016 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL.


Here's the exciting schedule:

  • Performance: Senior Theatre OnStage I
    Performing companies share their recent performances and discuss their process and results.
  • Workshop: Plays for Senior Theatre: Discovering ones that work
    The difficult task of finding plays appropriate for Senior Theatre will be made easier in this interactive playreading session.
  • Performance: Senior Theatre OnStage II
    Two performing companies share their recent performances and discuss their process and results.
  • Theatre in Prisons
    Gathering stories, building relationships with older women in prison to create powerful theatre.
  • Success in Senior Theatre: What I’ve Learned
    You can do well in Senior Theatre if you follow the practices of those who have found success in the field.
  • Types of Senior Theatre: There’s a Place for YOU!
    The many forms of Senior Theatre mean that whatever your passion, you can contribute to the field.
  • Senior Theatre Focus Group Meeting
    Learn about the Focus Group and how you can contribute to its goals, leadership, and future plans. Discover Senior Theatre news and trends.

Follow the link below for housing, registration, and other details. Then, plan to attend!

Click here to read more about the conference

Take a look at Themes

Short shows are very popular in Senior Theatre. They can stand alone or you can string several together to create a longer production. if all the plays are based on a theme, you'll have a cohesive show that is easy to rehearse, flexible, and entertaining. Try these:

Click here to see all the themes

Looking for a Summertime show? Take $5 off!

-Doughnut Hole- was the most talked about play in the festival!! I loved it so much we ended the show with it every night!!

“Doughnut Hole” was the most talked about play in the festival!! I loved it so much we ended the show with it every night!!

It's time to begin working on your summertime shows. So we selected some of our plays that work well during the hotter months. Click on the titles to read a FreeView of each show. You'll like these:

Doughnut Hole
11 minute comedy
3 women
In a dog-eat-doughnut world, the last peanut log can make for life-changing decisions.

Lifeguard on Duty
25 minute comedy
2 men or 2 women
Two old friends come out of retirement to become lifeguards at their local beach. Can they get along in their confined space?

Sunny Room in Charming House
25 minute comedy
2 women
When neatnik, Lydia, rents a room to Connie, a free spirit, their lives become a whirlwind of humorous conflict. Comedy saves them in this hilarious "Odd Couple"-like show.

The Wisdom of Ganesha
12 minute comedy
1 man, 2 women
A wealthy widow, pining for her late husband, seeks solace in a Hindu temple, only to discover her guru’s goal is far from guiding her spirit.

Dream Camper
10 minute comedy
3 women
At the KOA campground, Crusty Wilma makes Rose and Dottie aware of their dreams and life becomes better for everyone. Funny, charming show.

Cougar on the Green
20 minute comedy
2 women
Mrs. O’Neill wants the senior rate at the golf club only to be rebuffed by the icy, all-business Miss Mulligan. It seems that Mrs. O'Neill is definitely losing the battle until she discovers that Miss Mulligan may be another kind of player!

Stanley's Choice
30 minute comedy
2 men, 3 women
Sally's husband surprises her with a birthday trip back to the nudist colony. But now it's an art colony. The only one in the dark is Sally. Such fun!

Back in the Dreamtime
1hour, 40 minute musical comedy
2-acts, piano score has soprano/alto/tenor/bass harmonies
4 men, 7 women
A musical set at a 47th high school reunion in a small town, a sometimes melancholy, sometimes joyous gathering. Easy show, fun to perform!

Save $5 on perusal copies until April 23.

Contact us any time you need help making play selections!

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Our 2016 catalog

Our 2016 catalog

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