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Senior Theatre Online
October 2015
Table of Contents
Bonnie's column: Baby Boomers and Senior Theatre
ArtAge's Brand New Catalog and Website
Speak or Perform at the Senior Theatre Conference
Our Shows are being Produced
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Bonnie's column: Baby Boomers and Senior Theatre
Baby boomers are coming and they're going to have many different needs. The generation that was like a 'snake swallowing an elephant' is going to change the world of aging...and of Senior Theatre.

A recent article in Today's Geriatric Medicine about how long term care communities will need to adapt to the boomers, encouraged me to think again about how this cohort will influence Senior Theatre.

I predict that more boomers will want to use theatre as a way to expand their voice, to tell their story. This means that using memories to create theatre will be a popular format.

Scripted shows that feature up-to-date characters in modern situations will become even more prominent. We're already seeing this shift. It's moving away from dated genres like old time radio and variety shows and towards more current formats. Boomers will especially enjoy comedies with actors portraying roles that show what it means to be a modern older person.

More opportunities will also open up for older actors in films and commercials. You can already see this movement, whenever you turn on the televison or watch a movie.

These are only a few of the changes that will come with the new demographic. What we know for sure is that theatre is a perfect vehicle for the boomers. It lets them vocalize their protests, innovations, and knowledge to pass on a new brand of 'tie dyed' wisdom. Let's have a vibrant Senior Theatre movement waiting and ready for them!

Yours in theatre,

Bonnie Vorenberg, ArtAge President

Click here to read the article

ArtAge's Brand New Catalog and Website
The new website home page
The new website home page

We are thrilled to annouce that our new catalogs are out and our new website is online!

It's the culmination of a year of work, selecting 47 new plays, books, and materials out of the 300 that were submitted. You can now choose from the work of 125 playwrights in our ArtAge offerings.

New website: It is quicker, clearer, and easier to use. It's also a charm on your phone and tablet. We think you are going to love it! Take a look!

New catalog: The catalogs are in the mail! They are being sent to readers in the US and Canada. You can also view and download the new catalog online.

The collection is always growing, a reflection of all the excitement here at ArtAge and in Senior Theatre. Click below to take a look.

We hope you will find the catalog and website very useful. Enjoy!

Click here to see the NEW plays and books.

Speak or Perform at the Senior Theatre Conference
Vrenia Ivanoffski at the 2015 conference
Vrenia Ivanoffski at the 2015 conference

Next August, Senior Theatre will be a focus of the upcoming ATHE conference in Chicago. We welcome you as a presenter, speaker, and/or performer.

Send in your ideas for panels, workshops, papers, and performances exploring topics like:

  • Senior Theatre company management
  • Senior Theatre in retirement housing
  • Senior Theatre for health and wellness
  • Funding Senior Theatre
  • New ideas in Senior Theatre
  • Intergenerational Theatre
  • Performances by Senior Theatre companies
  • Any other topics that relate to Senior Theatre

ACT SOON! the deadline is October 27, 2015.Click here for more information and here to download the application presenter form.

Click here to read about the 2015 program

Our Shows are being Produced
Louie's 'looking' in Louie and Louise
Louie's 'looking' in Louie and Louise

Many shows were successfully and recently staged around North America! We have highlighted a few of them, see the links below.

Under a Full Moon in November was produced in Ontario, Canada.

Chatterton Country Club and They Also Serve were hits in Arizona.

Billy Buck & Jo-Jo was produced in Idaho.

The Stick Up, Louie and Louise, and All I Want is the Recipe were hits in Texas.

The Hotel Lobbyist was staged in New York.

You're the Jury: The Case of the Steele Deal and The Pie Ladies in Deep Water were produced in Washington state.

View our catalog
Our catalog is filled with all things Senior Theatre--from short plays to full length shows and three-act musicals. If it's in Senior Theatre, we have it.
Click here to download the catalog

We're on Facebook
Check out our Facebook page.
Check out our Facebook page.

Facebook: Have a more extended conversation by using our facebook page. Become a 'fan,' then post your activities on our feed to keep the connection and the movement growing!

Click here to 'Like' us on Facebook!

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