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Senior Theatre Online February 2015
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Bonnie's column: It's got to be fun!
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Bonnie's column: It's got to be fun!
Bonnie L. Vorenberg
Bonnie L. Vorenberg

Sometimes finding the balance between work and fun is difficult in Senior Theatre. We get so immersed in creating a performance that we forget that it's got to be fun.

One of the reasons I love classes is because they are so entertaining for both the students and for me, the teacher. When you're in the 'process' part of theatre, everything is right, no answers are wrong. Students, of all ability and skill levels, progress together, fully in the moment.

Things change when you focus on 'product.' It's as if the "let's put on a play" wallops the group with new goals. Suddenly, the more skilled actors get more attention and you begin to hear the old adage, "There are no small roles, only small actors!"It's a flurry of activity, the pace picks up as the show dates loom.

There are many reasons why the fun gets obscured. Perhaps the material is too difficult. Perhaps there hasn't been enough time for the group to coalesce into a tight esprit de corps. Whatever the reason, if it's not fun, actors may not want to participate in the next show. Everyone loses.

So, balance work and pleasure. Pause and make sure that both classes and rehearsals are fun. Laugh, enjoy, and share in the creative spirit. If you keep a light atmosphere, a happier cast will produce a better show for a more satisfied audience.

Yours in theatre,

Bonnie Vorenberg
ArtAge President

Best Sellers
Old Hams in performance
Old Hams in performance

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Our shows are on stage
Oh, so many successful performances!
Oh, so many successful performances!

Here are only a few of our many shows that are being performed:

Doctor, Doctor--in Arizona
Lost & Found--in Texas
The Stick Up--in Texas
Lust 'n Digestion--in Arizona
All I Want is the Recipe--in Arizona, telling us, "They really love this show!"
Mother's Day--in Oregon
Fine Print--in New York
Little Bundles of Joy--in New York
Noah--in Texas
The Robbin' Hoods--in Colorado
Matzo Balls--in Texas
The Hollow--in Virginia
Chatterton Country Club--in Florida

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The Senior Theatre Resource Center catalog

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Check out our Facebook page.

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