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Senior Theatre Online
March 2015
Table of Contents
Bonnie's column: We're in the Wall Street Journal!
New Plays!
Featured book: Seniors Still Acting Up
Senior Theatre group wins award
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Bonnie's column: We're in the Wall Street Journal!
Bonnie L. Vorenberg, ArtAge President
Bonnie L. Vorenberg, ArtAge President

Senior Theatre is featured in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Author, Sally Abrahms captures the essence of older actors on stage with information and inspiration to encourage others to get involved or expand their Senior Theatre. She also highlights our contributions to the field. It's great to be noticed and recognized! Click below to read Older Actors are Taking to the Stage.


ArtAge is a full service organization. Our customers rely on us for:

  • A wide selection of 400+ plays for amateur to professional actors with roles for today's seniors in up-to-date situations,
  • Books with tips and techniques to help you find success,
  • Personal service. Call or contact us and we'll help you make selections that work for your specific requirements, plus
  • Training, marketing campaigns, and speaking presentations to meet your Senior Theatre needs.

Never hesitate to contact us!

Yours in theatre,


Click here to read the Wall Street Journal article

New Plays!
The Naked Man on the Couch in performance
The Naked Man on the Couch in performance

You're going to love the new shows we're adding to the catalog! Yes, the collection grows, a reflection of all the excitement here at ArtAge and in Senior Theatre. Take a look at these:

The Naked Man on the Couch
20 minute comedy
1 man, 3 women
Suppose for a moment that you’re a older lady, a widow, living with two friends in similar circumstances. Now suppose that you wake up on the morning of a long-planned trip to Las Vegas to a mysterious naked man (though he’s under covers) sleeping on your living room sofa. This is precisely what happens to Harriet, Sophie, and Mildred, along with police, a dead cat, and Elvis Presley. Such fun!

Dead Cat: The Play
25 minute comedy
4 women, 2 either, and extras if available
Funny show about when a cat lover does everything possible to honor a dead cat causing all kinds of problems. The author Bob Naquin is known for his humorous plays like the popular, Doctor, Doctor and The Perils of Carmen Geditt. They're wildly popular!

Benny and Pearl Loving in a Goldfish Bowl
18 minute romantic comedy
1 man, 1 woman
A short, tender romantic comedy that asks “Can two fish bring old childhood friends together?" If the fish can’t, Benny’s mother sure knows how…even though she’s dead. This love story re-confirms that you need to believe, no matter how many false starts it takes.

More new shows coming--check back often!

Click here to see all the NEW plays and books

Featured book: Seniors Still Acting Up
Seniors Still Acting Up
Seniors Still Acting Up

The Young at Heartland playwrights wrote this vibrant collection of 16 short plays and monologues. You'll find comedies, usually 4-6 minutes long with 1-3 actors. Use the pieces as readings, memorized shows, or in class. The collection is one that you'll turn to often for fun and useful scripts. Descriptions of all the shows are online at the below link.

Save $5 when you order before April 6!

Click here to read about the plays

Senior Theatre group wins award
Village Health Care resident performs
Village Health Care resident performs

Congratulations to Village Health Care's theatre group, Curtain Call, for winning a 2015 Innovative Care Award from the Montana Health Care Association. It's easy to see why they won because their creative process is so fulfilling.

Each year residents and staff select a play from ArtAge's Senior Theatre Resource Center. After choosing one, usually a comedy, residents meet weekly for 3-4 months to practice their roles. Rehearsals include script work along with research and construction of props and costumes. Months of practice and rehearsal culminate in a performance for residents, guests, and staff like this year's production of Murder at the Movies.

In previous performances residents only appeared as actors in the readers theatre show. Now they help with costumes and props and they take it upon themselves to hold additional rehearsals to focus on movement and vocal expression.

While doing theatre, cast members get to know each other better, laughing, and feeling more empowered and involved. They say that Curtain Call builds their self-confidence, helps them develop new relationships, and promotes their sense of autonomy and independence.

The actors say, "I always wanted to be in a play in high school and now I have my chance" and "I've grown as a person. I get out of my room and out of my shell," and, "It gets my creative juices flowing!"

Perhaps Village Health Care's success will inspire others to take to the stage. Congratulations!

View our catalog
The Senior Theatre Resource Center catalog
The Senior Theatre Resource Center catalog

Our Catalog grows as we add to the collection. It is filled with all things Senior Theatre--from short plays to full length shows and three-act musicals. Anything in Senior Theatre, we have it.

Click here to see our catalog

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Check out our Facebook page.

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