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Senior Theatre Online October 2014
Table of Contents
Bonnie's column: Have a positive outlook about life
New! The Robbin' Hoods--now available and on the Playreading Conference Call
So many of our shows are being performed!
Senior Theatre is in the news!
Speak, perform, and present at 2015 Senior Theatre Conference
Meet Margo Prentice, comedienne
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Bonnie's column: Have a positive outlook about life
Bonnie L. Vorenberg
Bonnie L. Vorenberg

If you watch too much of the news and fall under the spell of the naysayers, you might start to believe that the world is falling down around us. Before you begin to think that way, stop and take a breath.

You know, thinking negatively doesn't help you or anyone else. But only you can stop it before it starts to take over your mind, and then your heart.

That's when you turn to the theatre for a break from daily life. Take a dose of fantasy, wash it down with imagination, and add a sprinkling of humor. You'll be amazed how much better the world looks!

In Senior Theatre we bring a better outlook to our performers and to our audiences, all with a combination of great characters, strong plots, and a lot of humor.

Stay focused, remain positive, and keep performing!

Yours in theatre,

Bonnie Vorenberg
ArtAge President

New! The Robbin' Hoods--now available and on the Playreading Conference Call

Just Published: The Robbin' Hoods by Michael Licwinko

1 man, 6 women
35 minute comedy

Like many seniors, Al and Mabel Hood planned well for their retirement. Then Gus, Al's sister...also known as El Diablo...made a bad investment that wiped out their savings. Broke and desperate, what else could they do but rob the rich? After a year, however, Al wants to quit and move to Florida. On the other hand, Mabel wants to open a scam artist training school for other needy seniors. When Gus brings two willing students to the program, Al knows the police and retirement to a prison cell cannot be far behind. Amid mixups and mayhem, he has one last scam...uh...scheme...that saves the day.

Read The Robbin' Hoods in this month's Playreading Conference Call

You get a reading script and stimulating discussion, for only $10. It's easy to take part--you dial the special phone number, enter the access code, and join the conversation. So sign up now. It is a lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
1:00PM PDT (2:00PM MDT, 3:00PM CDT, 4:00PM EDT.)

Can't attend at that time? No problem, sign up and listen to the recording.

Click here to sign up for the Playreading Conference Call, in person or the recording.

Click here for more about The Robbin' Hoods

So many of our shows are being performed!
Ain't Retirement Grand! cast has fun in the Florida hit
Ain't Retirement Grand! cast has fun in the Florida hit

This Fall, we have so many shows being performed. How wonderful! There are hundreds of older performers enjoying the thrill of applause because of our plays. Here are only a few of them:

Our new plays, Angel in Disguise...or how to get your husband to wear a costume and Get Your Flu Shot! are already being staged!


At the Border in Florida
It's Hell Gettin' Old in Oregon
The Pie Ladies, The Pie Ladies Make Bail, and The Pie Ladies in Deep Water filled the house for six performances in Illinois
You're the Jury: The Case of the Steele Deal was a huge hit in Utah
New Car Shopping (Men's version), Gin and Tonic, Lost & Found, Matzo Balls, and All I want is the Recipe are on tour in Texas
They Also Serve and Crosswords from Age on Stage®: Ten Minute Plays are popular in South Dakota
This River is Gold was a success in Tennessee
The Helpmate, The Rehearsal, and The Elevator Misadventure were great in Nevada
Ain't Retirement Grand! is a huge hit in Florida

Come the holidays, our shows are scheduled almost everywhere.
Check out our many holiday shows!

Remember you get *Free* cast copies with every e-script!

Click here to read about Ain't Retirement Grand!

Senior Theatre is in the news!

Senior Theatre has been featured in the Chicago Tribune and in the Los Angeles Times! We were pleased that the article featured the work of Adrienne's Actors and ArtAge's contributions to the field. Click below to read the article. Great for all of us!

Read about Senior Theatre and our work

Speak, perform, and present at 2015 Senior Theatre Conference
Improv performance at the 2014 conference
Improv performance at the 2014 conference

Senior Theatre is coming to Montreal, Quebec! We'd like you to be part of it. We are looking for presenters and performers for next year's Senior Theatre program at the ATHE conference. Please send in your ideas!

Deadline is October 22, 2014

The conference will be held at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel from July 30-August 2, 2015. The theme of the conference is I Remember. The program will feature panel presentations, workshops, papers, and performances on a wide variety of Senior Theatre topics. Follow the below link for full details.

Click here for more details and how to submit

Meet Margo Prentice, comedienne
Margo Prentice
Margo Prentice

When Margo Prentice walks on stage, she looks straight into the audience and tells them, “I’ve stopped lying about my age, now I BRAG about it. I am 75.” The audience cheers. Margo Prentice is seriously funny a little naughty, and sees laughter as a healing part of life.

Margo is part of a growing number of performers who are taking to the stage to do stand-up comedy. They bridge the generation gap and use humor to help younger people understand insights about older people--and life.

Take a moment to click on the link below and watch her videos on youtube.

Congratulations, Margo!

Click here to read about and watch Margo Prentice

View our catalog
The Senior Theatre Resource Center catalog
The Senior Theatre Resource Center catalog

Our catalog is filled with all things Senior Theatre--from short plays to full length shows and three-act musicals. Anything in Senior Theatre, we have it!

Click here to see our catalog

We're on Facebook
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Check out our Facebook page.

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