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Senior Theatre Online August 2013
Table of Contents
Bonnie's Column: What a conference!
Halloween Shows
Award-Winning Plays
Plays on a Theme
Group of the Month: The Autumn Players
Quote of the Month
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Bonnie's Column: What a conference!

What a great time we had! The Senior Theatre program at the ATHE conference in Orlando was one of the best.

Senior Theatre lovers discussed how to write plays, conduct oral history in prisons, and create mysteries as we explored many new ideas in the field. Then we watched a wonderful show presented by the Silver Foxes followed by several ten-minute plays. The program was capped off with two invigorating movement experiences.

At one time, three of our best-loved playwrights were in the same room: Arthur Keyser, who has nine shows in our catalog; Gil Perlroth, author of the popular musical, Ain’t Retirement Grand!; and Dory Kaiser, one of our best-selling playwrights with many performances around the world. Such fun!

We left Orlando invigorated, filled with many ideas, and ready to hit the stage running!

We hope you can join us next year when the Senior Theatre program goes to Scottsdale, Arizona. Plan on it!

Yours in theatre,

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, President

Click here to see photos from the ATHE Senior Theatre Program

Halloween Shows
A scene from Witch One
A scene from Witch One

Try one of our wonderful Halloween shows, or put together several on a theme Check out these great selections from our collection:

Witch One- Life is always about the unintended consequences, even if you are a witch! A funny, short play that’s easy to stage.

A Profusion of Roses- With two strong women’s roles this show introduces you to a mother, daughter, and an absent “sister” in a twisty, mysterious relationship. A seriously wonderful play!

Skits for Seniors: Holiday Plays, Halloween Costumes- In this skit, it's the day before Halloween and four friends at the Rockcliff Residence are full of surprises as they discuss their holiday costumes.

Skits for Seniors: Holiday Plays, Superstitions- Outrageous characters discuss superstitions in this aptly named show.

A Wasted Gift- Through James, a lonely, bitter man, we learn how to reflect on our own lives and make the right decisions. But is it too late for James? This play is a story about doing the right thing.

Click here to see more plays and their themes

Award-Winning Plays
Award winning play, At Half Time
Award winning play, At Half Time

The Senior Theatre Resource Center collection is full of award-winning plays! Here's a list of just a few of them:

At Half Time
by Art Shulman

  • Winner of the One Act Play Contest at Canada’s BC Senior Games
  • Winner of The Writer Speaks Audience Award, Three Roses Players, Los Angeles.

Senior Moments
by Don Fried

  • Front Range Playwrights Showcase- First Prize
  • Colorado Community Theatre Coalition Festival- 3rd Place Production- Best Actor Award
  • American Association of Community Theatres Region VI Festival- Special Award for Playwriting, Best Actor Award
  • Eden Prairie Theatre, Collection of One Acts- Semi-finalist.

The “I” Word
by Elaine Kendall

  • Winner of The Center Stage Short Play contest in Santa Barbara, CA.

Mimi and Me
by Kitty Dubin

Selected for inclusion in the following contests and festivals:

  • American Playwright's Festival-New York City
  • Turnip Festival -New York City-first runner up
  • Heartland Theatre's Play by Play Marathon, Detroit
  • 6 Women Turning Sixty-included in an evening of 6 plays, performed in 6 different cities by 6 women who were turning 60 that year
  • An Evening of One Acts by Kitty Dubin, Love Creek Theatre, New York City.

A Moving Experience
by Fred Sahner

  • Winner in the national playwriting competition by the University of Illinois.

The Hotel Lobbyist
by Bara Swain

  • International CityWrights Short Playwriting Festival, Miami, Florida- Finalist Winner!
  • Method & Madness Festival, Denton Community Theatre, Denton, Texas- 2nd Prize
  • International Jewish Short Play Competition- 1st Prize
  • Raymond J. Flores Playwriting Prize- Winner
  • 10 by 10 in the Triangle, NC- Finalist
  • Fusion Theatre Company Short Play Festival- Finalist.

A Bag Full Of Miracles
by Tom Northam

  • National Mature Media Award.

Making a Move
by Carl Williams

  • Won 1st Place in the Stormy Weather Players New Plays Festival in Cornwall, NY.
  • 3rd place (Spotlight Award) in the Old Opera House Theatre Company New Voice Play Festival in Charles Town, WV.

Crossing the Bridge
by Carl Williams

  • Winner in the Texas Nonprofit Theatres Blooming Briefs 10-minute play contest.

Everything Blows Away
by Kelly Dumar

  • A finalist in the Nantucket Short Play Festival
  • Selected for production by the juried New Ideas Festival, Alumnae Theatre, Toronto, Canada.

The Visitor
by Arthur Keyser

  • Second Place The Odyssey Ten-Minute Play Festival, Sarasota, Florida.

Mrs. Claus Gets Menopause
by Daniel Guyton

  • Minnesota Shorts Festival of Plays- Semi-Finalist.

Forget Me Not
by Laura Pfizenmayer

  • Winner in The Down Home Play Festival sponsored by Rock Hill Community Theatre in Rock Hill, SC. Selected as audience favorite.

A Profusion of Roses
by Marcus Steinour

  • Prize winner at play competition in Lebanon, PA.

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Plays on a Theme
A scene from Everything Blows Away
A scene from Everything Blows Away

Short plays are Senior Theatre favorites. Select several that are based on a unifying message to create a cohesive production. Use these themes to build a very special show. Click on the titles below to learn more:

Plays About Living Fully:

Plays About Theatre, or Performance:

Click here see more short shows and their themes

Group of the Month: The Autumn Players
The Autumn Players from Ashville, NC
The Autumn Players from Ashville, NC

The Autumn Players, a company of over 100 seasoned actors, directors, and writers dedicated to taking theatre into the community, is affiliated with Asheville Community Theatre in Asheville, North Carolina. Since debuting in 1992, the group has entertained thousands of students, seniors, and in-betweens in venues ranging from intimate parlors to open-air stages.

Most performances are staged as Readers Theatre from a repertoire of short and full-length plays, humorous skits, adapted classics, and familiar poems. Performances are presented to care facilities, civic clubs, libraries, retirement communities, schools, social organizations, private functions, and public events.

Click here for more information about The Autumn Players

Quote of the Month

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. --Henry Ford

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We're on facebook and youtube
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Check out our facebook page.

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