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Senior Theatre Online May 2013
Table of Contents
Bonnie's Column: Skip Reiss reminds us of our mission
Attend the Senior Theatre Intensive in August
Explore choral, theatre, and movment at the Chautauqua Institute
Playwright Feature: Arthur Keyser
View Our New Catalog!
Group of the Month: Collaboration between Silver Stage Players & Darnelle Players
We're on facebook and youtube
Quote of the Month
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Bonnie's Column: Skip Reiss reminds us of our mission
Bonnie L. Vorenberg
Bonnie L. Vorenberg

It's always a special day when we're reminded why we do our work. This happened today when I learned that Alvin H. Reiss, 'Skip' to all of us, died recently. As a noted leader in arts management, Skip wrote about the field for over 50 years.

Skip and I worked together when we published his musical, This River is Gold. The story focuses on residents of a retirement community who think con men discovered gold, instead they found water! It's a fun musical that's easy to produce with just the right number of characters.

When I talked with Skip's wife, she emphasized how much it meant to her husband that his musical was published. Hearing how we helped Skip, reminded me of why we do our work. Yes, it's to connect playwrights' insights to the world. But it's also a chance to give a voice to playwrights, many who are older. When we are reminded of our mission, it encourages us to stay true to our purpose.

As a tribute to Skip, we'll send you a **Free Perusal** on a two-month loan, of This River is Gold when you order between now and June 15. Click below for details.

Take a moment to re-connect with your mission!

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, President

Click here to read more about This River is Gold

Attend the Senior Theatre Intensive in August
BJ Johnston prepares for his performance of The Man From Aldersgate at the 2012 Senior Theatre program
BJ Johnston prepares for his performance of The Man From Aldersgate at the 2012 Senior Theatre program

The Senior Theatre sessions at the ATHE conference will be held on August 1-4 in Orlando, Florida at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel. We're getting great response from those who are interested in attending the workshops, performances, and panel discussions:

  • New Ideas in Senior Theatre
  • Writing Plays for Older Actors: A Writer’s Edge
  • Life Review Creates Powerful Theatre: Women in Prisons and Taiwan’s Uhan Shii Theatre Group
  • Use Social Commentary & Murder Mysteries to Create and Perform Original Scripts
  • Older Performers on Stage
  • Why Just Listen? Let's Dance!
  • Create Health...One Story...One Dance at a Time

The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress hotel is filling quickly. So get your hotel room soon by following the below link.

Click here to learn more about the Senior Theatre program. It's a great way to connect with others in the field. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to reserve your hotel room

Explore choral, theatre, and movment at the Chautauqua Institute
Participants at the 2012 Chautauqua Institute
Participants at the 2012 Chautauqua Institute

Encore Creativity for Older Adults will return to the famed Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York in collaboration with two of the nation’s premiere creative arts programs to present an innovative Institute for adults over the age of 55 from August 25-30, 2013. Encore will partner with The Dance Exchange, based near Washington, DC, and the Stagebridge Theatre of Oakland, CA to offer three concurrent performance institutes in Choral, Movement, and Theatre. This is the sixth year for the Encore program at Chautauqua.

The Choral Institute will be co-conducted by Jeanne Kelly, Encore Founder, and Barry Talley, retired Director of Music Activities at the United States Naval Academy. Dr. Stuart Kandell, Founder of Stagebridge in Oakland, California, and David Barnet, professor of Theatre at University of Alberta, Canada, will again direct the Theatre Institute. Shula Strassfeld of Dance Exchange will return to teach the Movement Institute.

Following a stretch/yoga class to start the day, participants will have two rehearsals each day within their institute and a free period during which they may choose classes in any of the programs. At the close of the week, all participants will come together after their programs’ culminating performances to perform Fiddler on the Roof.

Institute participants will stay at the beautiful Athenaeum Hotel on the Chautauqua grounds. The program price is inclusive of accommodations, meals, program fees, and a program of nightly entertainment.

Click here for more information about the Encore Summer Institutes

Playwright Feature: Arthur Keyser
Arthur Keyser
Arthur Keyser

We work with so many fascinating writers that we decided to let you know more about them. Meet Arthur Keyser:

Arthur practiced corporate law in Philadelphia for fifty years. Though he had been a writer for most of his life, he began writing plays when he was 80 years old. He knew he was onto something good when his first ten-minute play, The Visitor, won second prize in the Odyssey Ten-Minute Play Festival and was performed before a full house! Since then, he has had nine plays published!

We asked Arthur, "Why do you write what you write?"

I'm almost half way between my eighty-fourth and my eighty-fifth birthdays. There's rarely a day when I don't spend a few hours writing.

My plays reflect the way I feel about life. Rather than dwell on the past as being the best part of my life, I look at it as the background for the wonderful years ahead. If that makes me sound like a Pollyanna, so be it. Laughter has always been my drug of choice.

In my writings, the characters dwell in my world of happy resolutions. If there's a thread that runs through them, it's that every day has two components--the joy that comes from experiencing it and the anticipation of even better days ahead.

Now, take a look at Arthur's plays!

Click here to check out Arthur Keyser's plays

View Our New Catalog!
Click on the catalog!
Click on the catalog!

We've heard such great things about our new catalog! "Lovely," "Exciting," and "Thank you!" are some of the most frequent comments. Readers are loving the 70 new plays, and often tell us, "I don't know what to choose, everything looks like so much fun!"

Readers are taking advantage of the instantaneous downloads when you order an e-script. They also appreciate **Free** shipping on all e-scripts and e-documents. Just a few of the ways we've improved our already prompt, personalized services.

Here are some of our most popular new plays:

You're The Jury: The Case of the Steele Deal

Doctor, Doctor

Drama Duets: Two Mark Twain Classics

The Play's the Thing...Isn't It?

Mrs. Claus

The License

...and many more. Contact us if you need help making selections.


Group of the Month: Collaboration between Silver Stage Players & Darnelle Players
The Soundtrack of Our Lives
The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Collaboration is a great way to bring out creativity! When Knoxville's Silver Stage Players met the Darnell Players from Atlanta, they knew the companies were kindred spirits. Before long they were planning a collaborative project.

Working separately, the companies used life stories, music, and photos to create their portion of The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Now, The Darnell Players will travel to Knoxville, have a rehearsal to blend the performance, and then both companies will appear, together.

  • Friday, May 31 at 1:00 PM at the O'Connor Senior Center
  • Friday, May 31 at 7:00 PM at the Beck Cultural CenterSaturday,
  • Saturday, June 1 at 7:00 PM at the Broadway Academy of Performing Arts (BAPA)

"Music is an undeniable influence in our lives. The songs we hear during difficult or joyous moments affect the way we remember things," says Silver Stage playwright-in-residence Jeanette Stevens, "And storytelling helps people connect. We thought this project would be a wonderful way to bring our groups together, and share our stories with the community."

What a great Senior Theatre idea!

Click here to read more about the performance

We're on facebook and youtube
Check out our facebook page.
Check out our facebook page.

Facebook: Now we can have a more extended conversation, by using our facebook page. Become a 'fan,' then send in information to keep the connection and the movement growing!

Click here to visit our facebook page.

Quote of the Month

“I am confused by life, and I feel safe within the confines of the theatre”
Halen Hayes

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