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Senior Theatre Online November 2012
Table of Contents
Holiday Shows
Our New Holiday Shows
More Holiday Favorites
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Holiday Shows

There's still time to stage your holiday show! We've pulled together a list of our seasonal plays. Some are short, some are longer, all have the spirit of the holidays for you and your audience's pleasure! Click on the titles to read more about our fun favorites and to find out about the newest additions to our holiday collection.

Our New Holiday Shows

New! The Christmas Police
1 man, 1 woman
10 minutes

Bring out your tacky Christmas ornaments and don your worst holiday sweaters...then watch out for the Christmas Police! Officer Jack Frost is on the job protecting the neighborhood from gross violations of good taste and Maude Klawes is a repeat offender. Will Frost be able to pry her precious Christmas cow and her headless Santa out of her arthritic hands?

New! Mrs. Claus
1 woman
5 minutes

It's Christmas time and Santa is delivering toys in his sleigh, bringing good cheer to all. But what about the wife he leaves behind? The hardworking woman who supports him? Who cleans up after those reindeer, anyway? Who keeps those elves in line? Who makes sure Santa doesn't have too much sherry before the Big Night? Mrs. Claus--Mabel, to you--that's who! In this hilarious monologue, Mabel Claus describes the trials and tribulations of being married to the world's most famous man for 541 years. Sure, he only works one night a year, but she has to keep things running the rest of the time! Mrs. Claus is a the 'real' story behind Santa, and a true Christmas gem!

More Holiday Favorites

A Collie for Christmas
4 women, 1 veterinarian (male or female)
30 minutes

Dance of the Sugar Plump Fairies
1 male voice, 2 women
15 minute comedy

Very Popular! Frank’s 75th Christmas
Gender-flexible cast of 11 seniors; can be double cast
15-20 minute comedy

Memories of a Wonderful Life
3 men, 1 woman, plus audience participants
80-minutes+ (depending on amount of audience participation)

Merry Christmas Caper
4 men, 5 women, plus 2 young adults
60 minute comedy

Santa Flunks Retirement
1 woman, 2 men, 1 either, plus introduction
10 minutes

Scrooge with a Twist
1 man, 6 women, plus 12 either in flexible cast
40-minute musical plus carols

We’ve had soooooo much fun practicing Scrooge with a Twist! I think we had to stop for about 10 minutes so everyone could regain their composure because we were laughing so hard! ---Lori N., Brookfield, NS, Canada

The Christmas Coffee
3 women, 1 special walk-on role
20-minute comedy

The Holiday Letter
2 women, 1 man, Narrator
10 minutes

Visit to Santa
1 woman, 2 men, 1 either, Narrator
10 minutes

View our Catalog!
Click on the catalog!
Click on the catalog!

We're on facebook and youtube
Check out our facebook page.
Check out our facebook page.

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Quote of the Month

Wisdom comes with winters. --Oscar Wilde

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