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Senior Theatre Online June 2012
Table of Contents
Bonnie's Column: Senior Theatre Festival Reflections
Learn about Senior Theatre at the ATHE Conference this August
Get Your Play Published
Recording Your Performances: What You Need to Know
Undiscovered Gems
View our Catalog!
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Bonnie's Column: Senior Theatre Festival Reflections
Senior Theatre Festival 2012 participants dancing in the streets
Senior Theatre Festival 2012 participants dancing in the streets

I'm flying back from the Senior Theatre Festival in New Orleans, 30,000 feet high and feeling elated! Why? Because the Senior Theatre movement that I've been encouraging seems to be taking flight.

The New Orleans Festival was a whirlwind of activity. Senior Theatre lovers gathered together, shared ideas, watched performances and staged their own shows. The result was "amazing," as one performer called it, saying, "I didn't have time to see the city because I didn't want to miss anything!"

The festival proved what I have always been saying, that the strength of Senior Theatre lies in its variety...and what variety we had. Seniors, some up to their late 80's, performed music, dance and drama of all kinds--Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, shows based on memories, and comedies in all shapes and forms.

"Nothing beats a firsthand experience," as I always say. Senior Theatre continues to grow and get more sophisticated while not losing its main charm--older adults having fun on stage while showing that growing older can be a great time of life!

For us at the Senior Theatre Resource Center, our role as the 'connector' in the field was reinforced. Playwrights, performers, and grant seekers all want the most up-to-date information. They know that we're the glue that brings together the information, news, and resources that fuel the field.

If you didn't attend the festival, click below for photos--then plan to attend in 2014!

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, President

Click here to see photos of the 2012 Senior Theatre Festival

Learn about Senior Theatre at the ATHE Conference this August
Young at Heartland at the 2011 ATHE Conference
Young at Heartland at the 2011 ATHE Conference

The 2012 ATHE Conference is right around the corner. Join us in Washington D.C. August 2-5, 2012 for educational, stimulating, and refreshing workshops, discussions and performances! Come learn more about:

Using Personal Story to Make History Come Alive- WWII From Those Who Were There- Oral histories from men and women who served in WWII come alive in exhibits and performances, transforming memories into exciting theatre.

Senior Theatre Focus Group Meeting- Learn about the Focus Group and how you can contribute to the Focus Group's goals, leadership and future plans. Discover Senior Theatre news and trends.

Performance: Using Theatre to Educate- Learn how to use theatre to educate about past history and current issues using the experiences of two companies as your inspiration.

Performance: Sometimes A Rainbow-Old, Homeless, and Musical Comedy!- The musical comedy centers on an abused elderly widow who discovers the meaning of life and the joys of living while surviving on the streets of Washington, DC.

Panel Discussion/Roundtable: Using Theatre in Health Care, Dementia Care, and Civic Engagement- ElderSpeak, The Odyssey, and how sociodrama and theatre combine to combat ageism and foster improved health care.

Demonstration: Singing, Dancing Telling Your Story- Use music, dance, and theatre to make memories, history, and personal experiences come alive in powerful performances for both audiences and performers.

Panel Discussion/Roundtable: Equal Rights, Civil Rights, Bullying-Using Theatre to Empower Issues- Learn how to combine oral histories and social issues with theatre to create messages that build intergenerational connections.

Panel Discussion/Roundtable: Directing Intergenerational Casts- Directing actors of all ages, in all abilities, becomes easier and more successful with proven tips and tricks for creating inclusive performances.

Click below to find out more about accomodations and registration.

See you there!

Click here for more information about the conference

Get Your Play Published

This summer, we'll begin the process of selecting new plays, books, and materials for our 2013 catalog. Send in scripts you have written along with ideas about materials others will find useful.

For plays, we're looking for shows with a majority of older characters in roles that challenge performers, yet are fun to stage. Our customers mainly enjoy shorter plays but we read and feature scripts that come in all lengths, from straight plays to musicals, with either small or large casts. We especially like pieces that have been performed since the process usually improves the play.

To get a good idea of what we offer, take a look at our
catalog and read our Writer's Guidelines and Writing Plays for Senior Theatre.

Please send your materials in hard copy to:

ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center
7845 SW Capitol Hwy Ste 12
Portland OR 97219

We look forward to reading your work!

Click here to read about Writing Plays for Senior Theatre

Recording Your Performances: What You Need to Know

Lately it has come to our attention that many of our customers are recording their performances with video cameras, smart phones, and tablets without understanding that they may be violating copyright law. In this digital age, many people believe that by paying royalty for their performances they have been given permission to videotape. That may not be the case. For materials purchased through ArtAge Publications, please contact us if you plan to record your performance and we will inform you of what is permissable for your particular production.

Click here to contact us about Permissions for Royalty, Photos, Recording & More

Undiscovered Gems

A Few Good Years comes in musical and non-musical formats

A Few Good Years comes in musical and non-musical formats

Here are some wonderful plays that you may have overlooked. Check out these undiscovered gems:

A Few Good Years In this romantic comedy that comes in a musical and non-musical format, two middle-aged daughters fix up their reluctant, widowed parents making a terrible, hilarious mess of everything.

All I Want is the Recipe In this humorous phone conversation, the caller only wants to find out how to make a casserole. Instead she finds herself embroiled in a conversation that takes off in all directions, except in the direction of the recipe!

Grand Moves Our realtor heroine, who is hosting an open house, is visited by a succession of zany house hunters. Finally we meet the Walters and you won't believe their surprise!

I'm Stayin' Alive An older woman finds her life so boring that she voraciously consumes cigarettes and alcohol and ingests as many transfats as possible. When she discovers the pleasures of the web, it gives her life a whole new meaning.

It's Hell Gettin' Old Three old men sit in the park, soak up the sun, and reminiscence about the past and their youth. Hilarious sketch!

Love and Other Investments Wry-witted, with rapid fire screwball comedy dialogue, this play centers on Agnes who discovers that there's more to life than paperwork.

Making a Move Harvey wants to enjoy his retirement sitting in front of the TV, eating potato chips, but his athletic wife has other plans. Too funny!

Mimi and Me This show stays with you! A young volunteer tries to cheer up a ninety-year old woman in a test of wills that becomes a loving relationship.

New Car Shopping A middle-aged woman is shopping for a new car. It's a humorous and exaggerated tale. Buying a car has never been this funny!

Roses to Plan This is a sweet and funny look at love in a long-standing marriage. Touching and kind. Award winner.

Stolen Flowers Two sisters find a creative way to end the cycle of abuse and find the courage to begin a new life. "Stolen Flowers" is a powerful piece.

Sunny Room in Charming House Life gets challenging, comic, and life-changing for two roommates--a slob and a neatnik--as they learn to laugh and connect.

The Further Adventures of Super Hero and Doris Drive "Super Hero" is getting older, but he can always depend on his loyal mate, Doris Drive, to see him through his problems and get him up and "flying right." Easy, fun characters.

The Gold Standard "Cantankerous, caring, funny."-that's how readers describe the relationship between Max and Leonard who meet over a game of checkers to discuss, grouse, and enjoy life.

The Perfect Groom This perfect little comedy is so easy to stage, with lots of action in what ought to be Jane's perfect wedding. Will Jane tie the knot at last? Will the best man learn the answer to a puzzle? Great fun!

View our Catalog!
Click on the catalog!
Click on the catalog!

We're on facebook and youtube
Check out our facebook page.
Check out our facebook page.

Facebook: Now we can have a more extended conversation, by using our facebook page. Become a 'fan,' then send in information to keep the connection and the movement growing!

Click here to visit our facebook page.

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