• Mike ‘Hard As’ Nails …


    1 man, 1 woman

    15 minute comedy

    Joy hires Mike to follow her husband Buck and catch him and his paramour in “the act." The first in the "Mike 'Hard as' Nails Series."
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  • The Magazine


    4 men, 2 women

    12-15 minute comedy

    Doug Stewart 12-15 minute comedy 4 men, 2 women In this moving comedy, a napping Elroy is completely oblivious as five complete strangers engage in a spirited cross-generational debate above his sleeping form regarding the value of history's hard-earned lessons. Available only as an e-script.
  • Senior Moments: The Gamblers


    1 man, 1 woman

    14 minutes

    Colonel William and Mother Angie have a chance encounter at a casino, and he is forced to change lifelong habits. Is one of the plays in Senior Moments.
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  • Seniors Acting Up: Safeguard


    1 man, 2 women

    11 minutes

    While Tillie paints Mary's portrait, Felix arouses Mary's concern with weird quotations and erratic behavior while writing a play. She sees his final step as suicidal.
  • The Revenge of Sacajawea


    2 men, 2 women

    12 minute comedy

    In the Women's Court of Iniquities, George suggests it's a place where men are never right, but Phil doesn't follow that advice, which leads to an unusual sentencing.