Sample Participation Agreement

Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art. Konstantin Stanislavski, Russian Stage Actor and Director

To help create a fun experience for all members of the ____________(company) I agree to the following standards as indicated by my initials on the lines below:

A. I will arrive at least 10 minutes before rehearsal or performance sessions are scheduled to start. If I am unable to attend a rehearsal, I will inform the director or assistant director in advance or as soon as possible. ____

B. I am willing to role-share with an understudy if a performance is scheduled at a time not convenient with my schedule. Once I commit, the company will be a priority. ____

C. I will dress in comfortable clothing and shoes so I can move freely. I will willingly work with the costumers and treat my costume with respect. ____

D. During rehearsals I will raise my hand and patiently wait to be recognized before making suggestions or asking questions. ____

E. I will have the courtesy to listen to the director and other players after they are recognized and are speaking to my fellow cast members. ____

F. I will refrain from directing another cast member unless I’m the assigned director. ____

G. I will maintain a positive attitude at all times. I will give constructive feedback during appropriate times in a respectful way regardless if my ideas are accepted. ____

H. I will have fun and maintain a sense of humor. If being a member of the company causes me an undue amount of stress, particularly if I do not get to play the role I want (which is common in theatre), I will try to change my attitude. ____

If, however, I am having difficulty changing my attitude about actions or decisions I vehemently don’t agree with, I will endeavor to do the following:

1. I will avoid the temptation to gossip and possibly stir up additional dissent. ____

2. I will vent about my issues privately in a journal or Word doc & then wait 48 hours. ____

3. If it still bothers me after 48 hours, I’ll approach the person(s) involved to see if the misunderstanding or misperception can be discussed and a solution found. ____

4. If this is not feasible or it does not resolve the issue(s), I’ll call the director. ____

5. I am willing to meet with a professional conflict resolution counselor to get help with resolving these challenges during a time to be arranged with all parties. ____

6. I will consider starting my own list of how I will do things differently when I decide I want to direct a theatre production in the future. ____

My signature below indicates I have read, initialed and will abide by this Participation Agreement.


DATE: __________________

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 © 2013 by Helena M. Reynolds    Used with Permission.



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