Return Engagement details of plays

Return Engagement Plays Volume 2 is a very popular collection!

It includes 10 plays, with mainly female characters. The shows all have a narrator who moves the action along. All the plays run approximately 30 minutes. Here’s a partial list of them:

Joe Cannon a.k.a. Neil Simon: Joe Cannon, a discouraged playwright, uses the name Neil Simon to grab the attention of a theatre company to get his play produced. The real Neil Simon gets involved which leads to a surprising ending. Narrator plus 3 men, 6 women.

Alienation of Affection: This is a play about a cat whose custody causes havoc between two neighboring families. Did this problem really wind up in court? Narrator plus 3 men, 7 women.

How to Save a Bad Apple: Do angels exist? A lonely curmudgeon lives in a senior residence in New York. An attractive new lady moves into the building and her ‘heavenly charms’ turn him into a friendly, outgoing gentleman. Narrator plus 1 man, 6 women.

As the World Turns with Arthritis: An old fashioned radio play that is a political spoof, between some hilarious commercials. Narrator plus 2 men, 6 women.

The Elders Last Great Adventure: Do we really get too old to try new things? One group of seniors decided with an emphatic, “NO!” Their adventure not only changed their outlook on life but also the views of those folks who were negative about the whole idea. Narrator plus 1 men, 7 women.

The Little Yellow House on the Hill: An adult fairy tale dealing with identity change, chivalry and romance in the middle ages. Narrator plus 1 men, 7 women

The Attache Case: What would you do if you found an attache case filled with money hidden behind a tree in a park? When this character does, it leads to a conflict that draws in both family and neighbors. Narrator plus 2 men, 6 women.

The Dinner Party: A dinner party turns into mayhem when a guest shows up with a gun that is accidentally discharged. Though no one is hurt, new relationships are formed and somehow everyone has a wonderful time. Narrator plus 2 men, 7 women.

I Can’t Remember Why I’m Mad at You: A romantic love story. The families of a divorced couple plan a Fourth of July party and invite the divorcees without telling each other that the other would be attending. Love blooms again. Narrator plus 2 men, 7 women.

Where’s Misha?: A beloved dog is kidnapped and held for ransom. The plot to retrieve him is foiled, but the dog outsmarts them all. Narrator plus 1 men, 7 women

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