Consider the Possibilities–List of plays

consider02Introduced and edited by Ann McDonough and Douglas Hill

These short ten minute plays with small casts are perfect with so many uses. The scripts are in large print and the book is in an 8 ½ x 11” format, the size of a regular piece of paper.
Read about the shows and the dynamic characters written by the playwrights at UNLV. You’ll want to explore every single play, stage them or use them in class.

by Shawn Overton

1F/1M, both seniors, drama, 13 large print pages.

At a park, Wilma and Willy meet and discover they were a couple many years ago. They discuss board games, horses, and wine, but both Willy and Wilma have different recollections of how things used to be. Is there a possibility of this relationship rekindling?


by Jason D. Martin

1F/1M, both seniors, comedy, 9 large print pages. 

Jack and Edith, an elderly couple, wait patiently at the airport. Jack has a strong fear of flying so he instigates all kinds of arguments so he does not have to take the flight. When Edith makes him jealous, he is finally convinced to get on the plane.


by Darren Pine

2 M, both seniors, drama, 10 large print pages. 

Set in a fishing shack, Greg and Charlie discuss their old fishing days, wives, and their philosophy of life. The two men, who thought they were so different from one another, discover that they have more in common than they thought.


by Chris Mann          

1F/1M, both in their 60’s, drama, 10 large print pages.       

When Joanna’s doctor takes her off of the medications that she had become used to, the couple is thrown into mental and physical disarray. There are plenty of denials and accusations. The situation brings the couple closer together in an even stronger relationship.


by Eric Kaiser

1F/3M—Nicky is the grandfather, Gail is his wife and a grandmother, Lou is the couple’s friend of any age, Micky is their college age grandson.

Comedy, 10 large print pages. 

Nicky and Gail await their grandson’s arrival. He will live with them for the next four years while he attends college. Although this is nice, Nicky and Gail are worried that Micky will “cramp their style.” How can their “special friend,” Lou, come over and supply them with a special bag of “you know what!”


by Wendy Vander Velde

1F/1M, Aileen is the older woman, Earl is her husband, both are seniors, comedy, 12 large print pages. 

Aileen and Earl have a stagnant relationship. So, Aileen comes home to her husband dressed in a sexy, Harley Davidson outfit. She convinces him that they should stop being so serious and go back to their carefree days when they were young motorcycle riders.


by Kim Moore

2 F, Queenie in her early 70’s is the older sister, Hazel in her late 60’s is the younger sister, drama, 12 large print pages. 

Queenie and Hazel are sisters who both work as customer greeters. Queenie is set in her ways and Hazel is adventurous and bubbly. When Queenie reveals she is going to “party” in Florida for Spring Break, her sister objects strongly. We learn that Queenie used to be the “party girl,” and why she changed. Well drawn characters, good conflict.


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